3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

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1. All the negativity on these forms
2. Streakiness in good luck vs bad luck on drops.
3. Not enough time to find the cool stuff
I agree with CptObvious 100%
Just 3? Oh, this is tough... so many options.

1. Dev team rarely talks with the community: Nothing is more annoying than being ignored.

2. End game items: All the classes want the same items, mempo, vile, lacunis, innas temp, ice climbers, witching hour...

3. Bad connection / Lag spikes: Many nights after a fu&%$ bad day, I log in the game to see some blood and it's lagging as hell. Then I checks "my side" and it's everything working perfectly.
No pvp

Lack of items to use in sockets... no runes/jewels etc. - lack of items overall.. no Charms, seriously blizz??

Lack of a D2 style Cow level with unreal amounts of mobs. If there was a D2 version of Cow level I would crank it to MP 10 .. get a few friends and pwn them all day. When bored I would go back to farming for RUNES _ JEWELS AND CHARMS LIKE IN D2
Blizz thanks for the game. Its not perfect but it got a good foundation.

Remember when we had inventories full of charms ?
Remember Median XL?
Remember PVP?

Charms would be pretty fun. I can see how IAS, CC or CD charms could get out of hand. so those mods might have to be secondary. But class or skill charms could open up things quite a bit.

Also, I want a decent hellfire ring. Ive made like 50 and only 1 is ok. Can you fix that? If I am picking INT as my stat for hellfire. It should never roll dex or str. That will make the odds better right there. Also some of the mods are just dumb. like melee attacker takes 400. I mean 400 aint crap in inferno. make it 4k, then that is worth something. please rethink hellfire, ubers is fun but getting pointless cause the chances are so bad.
1. AH is dead. Poor economy
2. No end game content. Sick of playing 3 Acts over and over again.
3. Public games are dead. Monsters are way to easy in public games.
1. tired of the sentece "no end game"
2. whinners from the forums
3. the illusion of increasing drop rate, of course there are more legendaries but they are as !@#$ as most of the junk you find in every run (yeah they increased the drop rate, but they didn't upgraded the stats, good move from blizzard -.-)
11/30/2012 08:08 AMPosted by Eclipse
3. When you hover over an item in the AH, there NEEDS to be the dps calculations to compare with your equipped items. The fact that some upgrades are extremely expensive and you can't tell how much of an upgrade it is without alt-tabbing into a spreadsheet (which can easily be inaccurate if not updated precisely) is ridiculous to the point of being absurd.

This is true. Very Good point.

No one would ever buy anything that wasn't an upgrade then and the economy would be worse than it is.
1. BOT, why:
- Bot ruin the economy
- They way Blizzard handle Bot (why?: Bot got banned, botters buy new license, blizzard got the money, botters still got the money from the margin)
- The way bot selling the gold, trending thread with spam from OP, but no action from CM, and also i got random friend invitation, trying to sell their gold, with random name (like: dsrfhls or jasfhj), almost everyday.

2. Slow patch and new feature, why:
- People will get bored if they being forced (no option, crafting sucks, no gambling, no pvp) to do the same thing over and over without variation to get nothing, You can simply add leader board and pick 3 MVP of the month based on kills or whatever and give em present or achievement or whatever. Post TOP 100, Top 500 players of the month.
- The point is add something simple but competitive. Because IMO: competition brings addiction.

3. Too many negativity, why:
- It's not good if a brand got so many negativity, maybe blizzard think they are in a good condition, but IMO, There are 2 kinds of poison: instant death or damage over time (in this case: people leave immediately or people leave in some numbers, slow but sure).
- So if you keep this negativity, sorry to say, maybe people will start to leave your legacy.

I'm not trying to bring more negativity, i still believe that Blizzard will back to the fit performance.
How? Maybe Blizzard can start by kicking some the staffs who can only messed up around, like how apple kick Richard Williamson because of the half-baked apple maps.

Sorry if my grammar is so terrible.
1. Blizzards is not responsive. Even when you do a bad job, it's still okay if you stay positive and responsive. But if you don't, it's totally unacceptable to me. And yes, in this case Blizzards did a terrible job in a lot of things - no PvP, terrible itemization, no build diversity, bots, duping, unstable server,.......

2. Read number 1.

3. Read number 2
1. No item sink. For instance, if items that didn't sell on the AH/RMAH were removed from the game & the to get them back you have to farm for them again.

2. Not enough build diversity. Having an alternative to CC & CD. Something like new gems that have elemental damage. A radiant star gem that gives 500 - 1000 additional fire damage so you'd kill mobs just as fast though you had high CC & CD. Also gear to augment different elemental damage, etc.

3. MP levels. Increase the difficulty of each MP level or increase the amount of MP levels. Since the game is still being developed & changes being made, The highest Mp level should be completely unplayable at the moment.
Not enough zones worth clearing.
Not enough monsters.

*Never ending dungeon with huge packs of monsters and bonuses for # of floors completed*

1- The game is so narrow, maps so small, outdoor layouts are fixed!=boring,repetitive (you know your way without thinking or searching)

2- Blue items are just salvage or vendor.. i don't even bother to look at the stats..

3- Story ruined, characters' originality lost (cain,tyrael..etc) , this newly introduced Nephalem thingy which was never mentioned before!, non-mature voice acting..

(i miss that old epic tyrael's voice)
Ok want to hear the 3 things in Diablo 3 that make me upset:

1. Players complaining on the forum board saying that Diablo 3 is a "bad game".

2. Idiots on metacritic.com and amazon.com making irrational reviews, and then you got these morons on the forum boards treating these reviews like real legitimate reviews.

3. People on the forum boards ignoring the fact that real legit review sites rightfully give Diablo 3 a good review, and even accuse these sites of being paid off by blizzard.

Oh as for the game itself, Diablo 3 is a sweet game, and its fun to play.
repetitive maps and no pvp
1. Lack of response from the devs. I was playing Path of Exile this afternoon and there was an actual Game Developer, in general chat, answering our questions enthusiastically and positively as we played the beta.

2. No PvP. nuff said.

3. Overwhelming repetition. Again, PoE has become my replacement for D3 because it is just so much more engaging (not to mention the dark gritty tone/art that I thought D3 would have) and every time I go though an instance its different much like D2.

I still have faith, I'm just starting to lose some of it. I am excited for the expansion in hopes that it can be a "LoD" of sorts for D3.
1 stash full of hellfire ring ( can't sell, vendor, salvage, give away or even throw away the one with bad roll)
2 can't dye legendary items
3 every class's stuck in cookie cutter build ( monk : thunderclap/ cyclone build, dh: can't melee successfully or Carry 2hd weapon, barb double nado, witch doctor: bear or toad rain, wiz : Chain reaction,energy twister) or meteor
gold seller spam

lack of class diversity and "wow" factor in abilities (after all, 90% of your classes abilities could be removed and you'd probably never know because they're all useless).

too many required affixes (i.e, you need crit/crit damage/as/ar/str/vit all on every piece of gear for it to be good. the fact that 99.99% of all items you pick up are garbage is just stupid, in my opinion).

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