3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

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1) Fallen Maniacs

2) One of the worst replay valued games I have ever played

3) legendaries are always crap, and the D3 team loves mandingo shlongs
3.) Crap social aspects : ( 4 player cap, can't create or name your own games like in D2, overall poor quality for playing in teams for an always online game)

My number 1-2-3's.
My main cause of death in Hardcore is crashing or DC. They should automatically pause the game if I crash or DC.
1 stash full of hellfire ring ( can't sell, vendor, salvage, give away or even throw away the one with bad roll)
2 can't dye legendary items
3 every class's stuck in cookie cutter build ( monk : thunderclap/ cyclone build, dh: can't melee successfully or Carry 2hd weapon, barb double nado, witch doctor: bear or toad rain, wiz : Chain reaction,energy twister) or meteor

You can salvage Hellfire Rings.
1) Reflect damage
2) Crappy legendaries
3) Broken risk/reward system -- higher MP not giving better drops/legendaries.
1) No Skill Tree which is the most I disappointed that I can not adjust the skills the most I like. Very very bad...

2) No carry game, no boss run, no mf run and no cow...
Those made the Diablo community cohesive and had fun.

3) Item hunting is limited.
I missed a lot how excited when I saw a 6OS ETH Berserk Axe, a 6OS ETH Cryptic Axe and a 3OS Archon plate was dropped, even thought they are not legendary! ha.
Also, there are runes, charms, jewels and even a specific magical armor/weapon is still meaningful for crafting. Anyone does craft nowadays?
12/02/2012 12:19 PMPosted by cTsCorvette
Why are there potion cooldowns in any game? Take a swig, toss the bottle. Drink another! What, they addictive or something? Got some kind of poison in them that isn't lethal if you take some time between drinks? "Point pl0x!"

Call me cynical, but in this particular game, I see it as further proof that the game was designed around the AH-after all, nobody would need that godly gear if they could chug potions at a reasonable rate. It also explains why the best potion in the game heals you for a paltry amount of HP.

Perhaps a % of health could be healed instead!

You are cynical :) They always stress build diversity right? Well if you can chug potions like you could in Lineage, everyone would go glass cannon. Who would need defensive skills/gear balance if you can just have a large health pool and heal pot through everything? Also you wouldn't need to be as skilled to play the game...which imo is bad.
1. Character development completely taken away from player.

2. Questing is linear and boring.

3. Blizzard is trying to shamelessly reach into my pockets via the RMAH.
12/02/2012 12:50 PMPosted by onebadmuther
#1 thing that pisses me off with this game is I busted my but at this game 1000 hrs played and im not even to 50k damage yet and there are others out there that are already in the 150k+ that makes me sick best I can do is Mp2 for key farming and i have had 3 sets of keys first time i got skelly and magdha and was able to kill them at mp 1 the 2nd 2 sets of keys i have had siegebreaker and kull first time i tryed at mp2 that was a joke they owned me couldnt complete it not even close just tryed it again at mp1 after farming the 3 keys again and still by myself I just cant how do they as in BLIZZARD expect me to ever have the hellfire ring the last 2 sets of keys i have aquired have been a total waste of my time just like this game a total waste of time farmed for weeks to get leorics signet with over 400 mf never got that ring either gave up so sick of doing the same !@#$ over and over and over again for little to no upgrades and nothing i ever get is worth more than a couple 100k g to sell mostly everything i have ive bought not found

Unlucky :( let's be friends, maybe I can help. I found Litany of the Undaunted, Tyrael's Might, my legendary offhand, my shoulders, IK belt, and a friend found IK Helm and gloves for me. Lifetime finds include 2 Inna's pants, 3 Inna's belt, 2 Inna's helm, 2 Andariels, 2 Tormentor staves, 2 Flying Dragons, 1 Sever, 2 Lacunis, 1 Boulder Breaker, 1 Natalya helm, 2 Natalya chest, 1 Natalya hxbow, 1 Manticore, 3 Hellracks, 1 Ice Climbers, and several Frostburn gloves, Gladiator gloves, Ivory towers, Monk helms. Less than half of those were worthwhile.

Bought my Echoing Fury (6mil mid november), Ice Climbers (17mil early november - price has dropped since), and ammy (about 1mil a week ago).
3? There really is no need to even list three when one says it all.

1.) Release of an unfinished game on the unsuspecting public!
1. R
2. N
3. G
1) PvP
2) PvP
3) PvP

Diablo is a PVP game.. simple as that.

Blizzard has been lazy claiming patch 1.1 will be the pvp patch but it's been 7 months and we have another 6+ to go before that patch.. They should be looking to release asap instead of over a year after release.

If it is indeed patch 1.1, there should be exactly 3 patches before it (1.07, 1.08, 1.09). Given the game's release quality (1.0) and the multitude of other things people want/need fixed, do you really want them to release it prematurely? Have some faith. Besides, I'm sure everyone will find something about it that needs fixing or is not to their specific liking. You cannot please all of the people all of the time...
1. No PVP
2. Long grinds for bad loot
3. Inflation of item cost
Bursting through a door with my fire walkers like koolaid man only to find myself in the middle of some kind of fallen maniac convention.

It's the funny kind of pissed off though since I'm not into hardcore mode.
1) the whiny/stupid mofos on this forum.
• My drop rates suck therefore my account must be throttled!
• I have done 40+ key runs with no drops!
• My character cannot deal with reflect damage, remove it from the game!

Rabble Rabble Rabble!!!! Blizzard must be held accountable!!!

2) No public monster level option.
Also maybe adding a quest called warden run or über run would be a good idea. Public uber run quest would only be available to people in possession of one IM

3) Gem / Blacksmithing. A system similar to D2 would really diversify some of the builds.
Posts like this.
1: No Cain to identify all
2: Movement speed cap at 25%
3: Crafting/lack of item affixes
Posted by Vorador
3. When you hover over an item in the AH, there NEEDS to be the dps calculations to compare with your equipped items. The fact that some upgrades are extremely expensive and you can't tell how much of an upgrade it is without alt-tabbing into a spreadsheet (which can easily be inaccurate if not updated precisely) is ridiculous to the point of being absurd.

This is true. Very Good point.

Didn't read through all the pages but you can link items from AH into chat channel then make a game with the char you want to see the dps change with and lick on that link.

My 3 issues:
1. End game-we are all farming for better gear for what?
2. Item affixes have no diversity-need more items with diverse affixes to break the cycle of only pursuing items with same stats. Right now every player wants the same stats on same items because there are no competitive items.
3. Gems-the gem tier system is an absolute failure. The price to upgrade jewels overwhelmingly outweigh the value in return. More material to socket items with are needed. badly.

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