3 Things That Piss You Off The MOST About D3

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1. Exploits - Botters, Dupers, Flippers, etc.

2. Boring - Farm A3 over and over...and over and over...

3. Itemization - Overly simplistic and dumbed down. All stats on all items are the same. Chance to find good rares is so incredibly small, it is almost disregarded completely. Thousands upon thousands of vendor'd rares. Loot randomization creates appallingly worthless "Legendary" items that could otherwise be useful if they had the right stats.
1. Act diversity, maybe random maps like D2 had, but mob density should be improved in ACT1-2 and maybe let you go from ACT 3-4 without losing stacks; everyone is tired of farming ACT 3 all the time.

2. More Legendary Variety-it seems every slot has 1 piece mainly to use and others are bad, especially with weapons. Just make some better rolls on the already existing ones so not everyone uses the same exact weapons.

3. Gem scaling-It doesnt makes sense that a 19m gem has the same increase as a 6 mil gold gem. They should scale better or have an extra bonus etc, to make the price worth it.
There's a few pretty big flaws here.

#1. The design of Diablo3 was merely to make money. The game is meant to have micro-transactions all day long. The item system is setup in such a way that all items that don't fit a certain criteria are junk, the ones that do are cheap because they aren't rolled highly, and the ones that are rolled good are expensive as hell. This makes the high tear items in high demand, while they have insane price tags, netting them more $$.

#2 You are correct that botting will always be an issue, but the problem is that there are bots with 250k+ elite kills still actively farming, and it's real easy for Blizzard to see those. Yet there they sit, being the robots they are.

#3. It's good they showed they want to fix pvp, but the issues here are they had 10 years of time to develop it, it was said to be included at release. 7 months later, still no pvp.

#4. No one at all expect new content everyday, and even to say that is being ignorant, but they've added ONE new content patch, and ONE new system to the game in 7 months, both of which were very lackluster, and poorly thought out, and virtually change nothing in regards to the game-play experience.

#5. Having 6 skills to put on your bar is not what even remotely close to what customization is... that's called "simplification". I'm sorry but you apparently have no clue what customization is.

1. If you think that the game was designed solely with the RMAH in mind then you would be sadly mistaken. Because for that to be true then the mere existence of the gold auction house makes that claim false.

2. The only thing that I know is that Blizz did not collect enough evidence on that account to prove botting. Heck for all we know, that individual could've stopped botting a long time ago and is just doing speed runs that keeps his elite kills going up. Heck there could even be some places in the other two regions where Blizz says it is okay for more than one person to play on the same account if they do that. Then you could have a small team of players yes actually people playing that same character. Which would be mimicking what a bot does play 24/7.

3. I did not say that they are fixing PvP. How can they fix what is not out yet. I guess it would've been fine for you that they put all other issues on hold until they busted their butts just to get PvP out. Then you would've had players complaining about invulnerable classes that they have to fight against. GJ Blizz letting some players be impossible to kill in PvP. Heck even with the crappiest gear they still could win.

4. Content is not just giving us things to do, they needed to make changes to inferno where it would be more of a ramp up in difficulty from act to act that would make since instead of the steep mountain that was act 2 inferno at launch. Also they had to fix the exploits that allowed some players to be invulnerable. They also had to do some balance passes to bring some TLC to underused skills and runes. Only working on stuff for us to do and not fixing those areas would not have went well for them.

5. Customization takes different forms in different games. It is not always manual skill and stat points. That is just an illusion of customization. Show me two hammerdins in D2:LOD that would have totally different BiS gear and stat placement that would make them play 1 trillion percent different and you would have a case for manual stat and skill point system.

Path of Exile is not going to be any better because they will have the same problem. There will be an optimal way to spend your passive skill points. The majority will use the optimal path because players in general hate wasting resources in a game and manual passive skill points are a resource.
1) No dueling
2) No free travel between acts/wp's
3) Serious lack of item diversity. How many things are worth picking up in this game; legendaries, some plans, and maybe rares? No, I don't want legendaries to be useless again. I want runes, runewords, more gems, jewels, talismans. More items.

4) No customization outside of gear, and we can't even customize our items. We get 4 boring-!@# gems... woopdie-friggin-doo. How about IAS/LS/Armor/Res/Block %/Block amount/+ max resource/chill/knockback from gems or runes?

5) 4 players. This is because of the overly flashy graphic effects. For example, if you are playing with a couple of CM wizards you can hardly tell what the hell is going on. I would much rather have toned down effects, which would make it possible for more players per game without added confusion.

6) The checkpoint system.

7) Crowd Control from monsters. There is waaaay to much. I really do not like this way of adding 'difficulty' or as i call it, annoyance. Why they would take all of the most frustrating and annoying Bad Manner effects from D2 dueling like slow and fear, make them 10x more annoying, and then put us up against them on a regular basis is beyond me.
Logging on, playing all day, and making 1-2 million gold. This has happened for the last 2 weeks. It is disgusting, I make as much money as a chinese farmer (1 dollar a day) Is this what your game was supposed to be? I guess so.
1. Cooldown Timer on Skills.
Seriously, they are the most idioctic thing in an ARPG.
Instead of putting cooldown and such... say Berserker for example, should cost 100 Fury and no cooldown, if you think it's too OP, adjust the way it's implemented by maybe reduce from 15 seconds to 5 seconds or so.(Of course, that's just some idea, not a detailed solution) It'll still look good if you spend more time developing a better way to suit it instead of having your customers to wait, wait, and wait. It's the dumbest thing in the world.(exaggerate but that's how one would feel.)

2. Itemization.
Come on, what's with that bigger number on every weapon? It looks like you think all your customers are handicapped or something, I hope not. That's just one of the many flaws. Itemization needs a lot of work. It needs DEPTH. Right now, it basically has no depth.

3. Uniqueness.
You get rid of a lot of things that allow players to customize their chars -- that greatly results in a loss of replay-ability of the game. And at the end, every char is just a carbon copy of each other except their gear since if one found a good build, the other would just switch to the exact skill setup (without even bother spend their effort to level up a char and earn it)... So who else would play the game from sketch to level a different char once they have all five? <- Hence, the addiction is loss because you don't spend extra time traversing the game for that portion of the entertainment.
Now, some might argue that skill tree in d2 is bad because if you screw up, then you have no way to revert it. <- But hey! That's what Diablo is. You have to play the game over and over again if you think you are screwed. Besides, you are going to repeat the same acts over and over no matter how you play it anyway. Since at end game, everything is going to repeat. So why bother listened to those who felt upset about screw up a skill point or two? DIABLO is meant to be repetitive BUT it has to be FUN to repeat. The "FUN" is not as visible in D3 than in D2.

Thank you for reading!
boring itemisation

no free waypoint porting between acts and places

no endless dungeon
1 - Exploiter's

2 - Botter's

3 - AH Flippers

The 3 elements of the game that are absolutely DESTROYING the "FULL" D3 experience for legit players. All other problems would seem so much smaller if these 3 elements were gone from the game.

They are DESTROYING the SC experience!!!!!!

I have put a lot of time and effort in making and gearing my characters and you guys make all my effort seem worthless/hollow/and cheap.

Although i hear HC is the place to go if you want less of the above mentioned problems.

But i do not want to go through another character creation and grind through norm to inferno. Already done it enough times.

A message from me to the Botter's/flippers/exploiters. You guys are #^$%ing pathetic excuses for gamers. I hope you all get whats coming to you. Go $%^# yourselves.
#1 RD Reflect dmg needs to be fixed...I hate having to build my character around just one possibility of a leet stat. At least have it so RD doesn't include pets. It's annoying...
I would prefer it if it could bring you down to 1 life instead of death. You can't dodge it, there is no resist that I know of to mitigate the dmg...it's basically a skill that there is no avenue around.

#2 Lack of Variety. If you came up to me and told me you had a great DH I could probably guess exactly what items you had in all but two slots. There is no variety in the builds its either you use these skills with this equip or you simply won't survive / get chewed out by others for being a newb. It's become all about getting those 5 items on your char and not choosing separate paths with items that help separate specific skill builds for the same class. Ref. D2

#3 Need calculations in AH. Tired of messaging my friends these items just so i can compare the stats...
Linear Game play
0 diversity
Development Driven design around Auction House.
Hey Blizz team, How bout a Place For Endless Waves of Monsters progressivly getting more difficult? w/ Loot drops of at the end of each Wave. I think this would be fun and cool. Put us in a Walled in area or something and let the good times roll... Along w/ heads...
Thanks for Readin
1. Several bugs that have persisted for months (for instance I still have achievements that I earned the first few days and yet have not actually received).

2. Game feels gutted after so many promised features were removed or delayed (and yet the game still took forever after they let several systems fall by the wayside, go figure).

3. Itemization and Crafting are still very lacking and need an overhaul (need many more affixes that are also more interesting than the current ones to make rares worthwhile again and need to lessen the random-ness legendaries to keep them from being mostly sucky, and the cost of crafting needs to be lowered more and the items crafted to be improved if it is to feel like a viable gearing option).
No, absolute No choices on level up.

95% of you char's strengths and weaknesses is his gear. D3 is too much on gear, no char build, no skill and being max level doesn't net you a whole lot.

No way to counteract certain Superpower skills by elites and champions, anyone ever heard of saving throws, saves, etc., that would have been awesome in D3.
Blizzard, you should give this thread a read and tally up what people are saying. There are some blatantly predominant issues being brought up here.
1. Maps lack of randomization

Small world of Sanctuary....Can't stand it. The linear, small, non randomized maps, coupled with static spawn locations for elites (chance to spawn at x predetermined location) has been the single most horrendous design choice that Blizzard could have used for a Diablo game. The current map randomization, and the way monsters spawn in certain locations has completely eliminated the feeling of exploration and has replaced it with overwhelming boredom. To me, this one is the game fun factor killer.

2. Crafting/Questing/Itemization

Nothing short of pathetic. The side quest in this game are terrible, pointless, boring, lack depth and should have been scrapped in beta well before the mystic, h-cube, and many other features. It needs to be completely reworked. Same thing goes for crafting/itemization. Completely terrible. No thought put into the design.

3. Boredom, Wasted potential

I love the combat, I honestly love diablo.. But this game needs to be injected with some good old dungeon crawling LIFE! I hate logging in to this game sitting at the character screen only to log right out without even playing it. Sky's the limit for diablo 3. Sadly we have to wait even longer for this game to become the fun, replay-able, pinnacle of dungeon crawlers it should be.
1. no pvp and lack of pvp news, its the reason i left wow for diablo 3, although ill still hold out and wait i love this too much to leave

2. i think the dye system should be a little more expanded(but stay cosmetic)

3. more music; make music dynamic so it changes with whats going on onscreen.
AH, items sucks doodles, 90% of skills are useless.

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