Simple fix for Friend Request Spam!

Bug Report
Look guys it's REALLY simple.

i get the same stupid websites every single time. i just logged in and had 6 gold website spam friend requests.


If someone sends a friend request with that text in the message then automatically block and ban the account so it can't send any more requests.

I know this would be a very simple patch for you guys.

and if they change it to something else then add that to your list of ban text content.

2 more requests today with same website address, why won't you guys block these?
Again same 2 websites, and now instead of fixing it like i asked i now get an error saying i cant report the spam.
DONT BUY GOLD FROM 3rd Party WEBSITES...!! Buy it from Blizzard they dont SPAM
Lies, I still got spammed.
Again two more spam requests with the same website address in the message body, why wont you block these messages?
again 3 more friend requests from the same exact 2 websites.

why wont you guys spend 5 minutes and write a script to block them from sending those domain names in a message?!?!?
Please fix the friend request issue, as logging in to a hundred requests+ is not acceptable nor will be tolerated anymore. They are in violation of the TOS and COD that Blizzard itself has laid out, but does NOT enforce. I will no longer log in to spend all my time reporting these idiots (which you can only do a certain number of times before you get 'input limit error') and they blatantly violate Blizzards terms, nor will I pay for expansions or and more content with this simple but major issue continuing. I will return this game for it is not working properly.
Ban these idiots or lose your paying customers.

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