BUG: AH Item level

Bug Report
I have on numerous occasions, shopped at the AH for gear upgrades for a low-level character. If I do "find similar items" on a legendary or set item, the results seem to ignore my character's level.

What this means, is that I find items in search that my character cannot equip. When I subsequently purchase those items, I cannot use them.

Because this is a BUG and is not the way the AH works, I don't check the item level of everything that I buy. I know. I could manually add my own self-protection layer, but when I have a character selected that is level 40, for example, I should only see level 40 items max BY DEFAULT.

Since this BUG has been extant for quite a while, it would be cool if you guys would:
● Acknowledge it
● Include it in the sticky post of KNOWN BUGS


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