Question about true dps calculating

Is there a way to calculate your "true" WW dps, not just paper dps ? Besides realtime fraps recording high MP Azmodan kill?

For my case, i need to know if switching to a fast dagger(lower DPS of course) for my OH is worth it to sacrifice the dmg of my OH now ( to get to the next WW/RLTW APS breakpoint)

and i do wanna know how much % of my total dmg comes from WW, and how much from RLTW, is there anyway to measure ?

Btw im looking for gear update advice also ( dont mind my MH, its just a test weap when switching from my old skorn, im bidding an 1k1 dps EF )

LOrenze and nubtro created an equation to estimate true dps, tdps, for double nado barbs. Whileit may not be perfect it gives you a reference to compare changes in gear. d3rawr calcs this for you.
I made this spreadsheet for that exact reason. I wasn't expecting to share it so there are a few things you have to be aware of listed below. You will have to copy it (and unprotect it?) to edit it.

Things to note:
  • Blue cells are the ones you edit. Others are calculated.
  • There are some settings up the top to allow you to specify how many tornadoes are hitting the target and what percentage of the time WW is hitting the target. This is mainly so you can reduce the numbers if you want to estimate damage done to a single mob while AoEing where everything is a bit spread out and are moving through the group.
  • Weapon min and max damage are entered as they appear on the item BUT Base APS is the base for that weapon type, not what you see on the actual item. The Weapon IAS will take care of this. Compare to my profile if you're not sure.
  • '+APS' for weapons is really just for the stat on Echoing Fury. Not sure if it appears on anything else. Still put the base APS as 1.2 if entering this value separately.
  • I have listed Life Steal and Life on Hit per weapon as well as in the character section. These are simply all added together. This allowed me to either enter the specific weapon values with the rest in the character section or put it all in the character section and just add differences in the weapon section. Don't ask me why I did this for these stats and not Crit and Strength as well. It was late...

    The above is NOT how IAS is treated. IAS on weapons affects them differently than on other gear so these need to be kept separated.
  • The calculations are based on the info from Nubtro here:
  • There are DPS, LPS and FPS values for individual weapons below the General section because (based on the above post) WW and the tornadoes take their APS from the weapon you are about to hit with and the weapon you just hit with respectively. They will be switching between the two each time you sprint. This is really just to give you an idea of the range. Average values above should be all you really need.
  • Enter statvalues without Battle Rage and WotB active. To see the effect of these turn them on or off at the bottom.

Again, I made this for my own use and cbf cleaning it up now that it is functional. Hope it's helpful though!

And that's WAY more than I meant to type...
Or just kill Mp10 Ghom and time your self with a stopwatch on your cellphone using your normal skills and items.

Divide his life by your time in seconds to get your estimated Effective DPS (Edps).

I believe his life was something around 138m but your better off pausing the single player game, record his life, then keep going on a kill. That way you get the exact amount of life he has and you end up with a more accurate estimation.

Once you hit about 1m+ Edps, you probably are set for all mp's as that means your pumping out over 1million damage per second on average. Pretty impressive :)

Import your profile and change the dps field at the top to tdps. I believe its based off of Lorenzo and nubtro's work.

I like to change the ehp column to ehp with dodge and block as well, it took me a bit to figure out why dex wasn't increasing my ehp.
wow thanks for all the nice replies guys, gonna try both the spreadsheet ( thanks Elz ) and the recording method after i finish bidding my MH

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