Witch Doctor
Very interested. Have 3 keys, but have never done ubers. I'll look you up, what are your regular play times?
do add sakuragi88#6284 ==> he will guide and make arrangements for u guys
11/22/2012 09:32 PMPosted by cody
Do Not Do Deals with this guy. And if you do, make sure to check AH prices and dont let him pressure you into doing it right then. Just trying to give advice so other dont get scammed by sweetlove.

Why are you so dumb as to buy something without checking on AH? I am glad that a sucker is born every second!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
Very Interested. Never done Ubers, but have 6 machines. Will add you, soon. Thx.
Just added. Are you still doing the runs?
added this guy three different times now and never confirms my friend request! I even write "MP10 ubers have machines".
He is 100% legit. He was a bit concerned when I first PMed him, but he came around pretty fast. He actually comes in with a friend, who is just as badass.

Really nice and really helpful. Don't have a single bad thing to say about the guy.
what time/time zone do you guys normally do runs?
i'm in Sydney (GMT+10) and have 5 IMs
streamer prolly on in about 3 hours , anyway feel free to add me meanwhile .. btw we are from the US

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