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Still having lag/latency issues...
is this bigpond or american server?
i tried asia server which give me contant 250 ping but no lag....rubbber banding......
yeah nah i spoke a bit too soon about it clearing up, is fking horrible.. HC is truly hardcore at 450+ ping.

im on bigpond aswell but as i mentioned before all other forms of package sending is fine, just blizzard servers.
I know that Blizzard are looking at this issue but it obviously isn't getting better yet. I have tried at various times again today and the lag really kicks in when involved with elites or in big battles.
In response to applewei, I don't think it's a bigpond issue. Everything else I do is working normally.
I certainly wouldn't be wasting a HC hero at present.
There is a reason why I spend more time trading in the AH than actually playing nowadays... Maybe this is how blizzard keeps the economy going?
Does anyone know if blizzard are actually looking into this or what? been going for 2-3 days now pretty frustrating...
im almost at the point of quiting cause of this rubbish lagg atm, game is unplayable
11/23/2012 02:15 AMPosted by DIIABLOBL
Does anyone know if blizzard are actually looking into this or what? been going for 2-3 days now pretty frustrating...

Yes they confirmed that they are trying various fixes and they are keeping an eye on the forums to monitor progress.
mandurah W.A and having problems here too.
still having issues WA 9:10 pm.
11/22/2012 11:10 PMPosted by Obsolet
all you guys on bigpond?

I am

Seems to be a bigpond issue, no response from blue or bigpond, meanwhile it's completely unplayable.
Only american server are lagging.
i've tried asian server and it was quite smooth....
I dont think it is bigpond though..... tells me my speed is constant at 20M/sec
Same issue here, this is the 3rd day. Latency spikes when in combat. Bigpond Brisbane user.
this is appauling, 250- 1900ms latency. im just at azmodan on hc and cant bring myself to do it for fear of standing in his pool for 2 seconds without knowing it!
11/21/2012 11:25 PMPosted by KitsuneNz
I love the way people say " game runs like crap " but dont include any information on whats been tried to fix it, if its really a problem lodge a support ticket, provide tracert's etc.

Everyone stopped doing that months ago when we know those does nothing at all. There was 30 pages full of tracerts before we stopped doing it. The forum is actually the proper place to raise this rather than support ticket, as arcagnion indicated months ago.
my ping sux too, so i stopped playing MP and went to MP0 act 3 runs...... is very safe when i have 1 mil EHP. :)
seems ok atm, spoke too soon. Back to 1100+ms:(
Perth W.A.
iinet ADSL 2+
ping 350 - 1,200ms and occasionally blowing out to 2,500 c/w disconnects.

Been like this for 3-4 weeks so far.

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