Serious DH Issue here.

Demon Hunter
I have 169k DPS useing a 1hnd crossbow.
I have 416% CHD
i have 3.03 APS
60% Base CC

I basically never see a white hit marker.... but.....

i crit for 30k damage !! WTF?

is this intended. it is beyond me how this works.... what the hell is 170k dps mean. when my critical stikes are not even doing 30% of this number.
i have 200k DPS using 2handed crossbow
i have 449% CHD
I have 1.81 APS
56% BAse CC
sometime im hitting 60k damage ? crits damage 200k so whats the Crits hit damage for ? explain pls ?
No blue responce.... go figure. Would love to know why other classes are critting for millions and a class with 60 - 70 % cc and 400 + chd is critting for 30k.....

Fix the imbalance in this game already my god.

Counts, I see you are using entangling shots, which is 90% of your damage per hit.

DPS is damage per second.
You fire 3 shots per second.
Each shot you fire does about 169/3 ~= 56k on average.

You have about 400% crit damage, and at 60% of that is about 240% damage bonus, so your average damage per hit is about 340% of your base per hit without crit.

So 56k / 3.40 ~= 16k, is your average base damage per hit without crit.

But these are averages, and your weapon has a huge damage range since it's a 1 hand crossbow. So when you hit the low damage roll like 9k on a hit, then you crit for 36k.

That's why you see the crits in the 30s.

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Fix the imbalance in this game already my god.

hahaha. fix your knowledge of the game first.
Now you know why sheet dps is only a portion of the story.

Consider how your damage really works. Your set up your highs are high and your lows are low.

Effective DPS is what's really important anyway.

My sheet dps is twice as low as yours, but my turrets themselves can often times hit for around 30k a pop.

EDIT: Great reply Jackfrozt
Thats the problem with Hand crossbows, the min DMG and max DMG are very low large gap, that the damage dealt is all over the place take a look at your one hander 388-899, compared to a 2h crossbow let say 850-1350, You make up the DPS with speed though so you should be shooting off 3 at a time dealing 3 * 30-80K crits.

Maybe start looking for Gear with DMG modifiers like min-max, +min,+max.
Good reply Jackfrozt

For me, my crits go to a low 120-300k high crits are above 600k++, using a cross bow. where the minimum damage is much higher than a 1 handler. But I fire off less shots compared to a handbow.. that pretty evens it up alot
I have 169k DPS useing a 1hnd crossbow.
I have 416% CHD
i have 3.03 APS
60% Base CC

I basically never see a white hit marker.... but.....

i crit for 30k damage !! WTF?

is this intended. it is beyond me how this works.... what the hell is 170k dps mean. when my critical stikes are not even doing 30% of this number.

OK, first thing I see, why no quiver or 2nd 1h bow... You are losing out on 190 dex/ 190 vit/ at least 9 CC and 15% atk speed for like pennies. 2nd Spray of Teeth isn't a top damage hatred generator. 3rd you are using Rapid Fire which means it's DPS is divided by the amount of shots. It's not 276% per arrow, it's more like you shoot 10 per shot therefore 27.6% per shot. This is why we don't like Rapid Fire. I will tell you that for your hatred spender you should try Multishot. At least Fire at Will for spamming, but maybe Full Broadside like me for damage.

After playing around last night, I found that Bola: Thunder Ball is actually better than Evasive Fire (which I've been stuck on for a while) Having 2 skills that do AoE is pretty awesome.
I have been trying on a super speed build using Thunderball and EvaFire which i use both in different ways. So far its going good at 150k with a 3.17-3.33 APS pending on bracers. Just need to tweak some gear to get my goal of 200k 3.3 APS and higher to....any help would be appreciated.
Hey guys saw this thread and wanted to post my build for my DH and get feedback of what you guys think about it. Thanks!

I have:

Crit Dmg: + 258%

DPS W/ Sharpshooter at 100%CC: 77,371

Using Sharpshooter, Tactical Advantage, and Archery for my Passive Skills.

When i do crit even not at a full 100% CC w/ sharpshooter, i do about 80,000 - 120,000 DMG

I am using a 2hand bow with a quiver.

I plan on bettering all my gems soon, but its hard when you have each one of the characters at 60 with paragon levels in inferno HC. Im not making enough money, need to make a Gold Find character next LOL.

Thanks everyone!! - Bludarkin
I was super confused about this too and what people don't consider is what skill they're using.

Using a hatred generator skill will not do 1m damage. People get 1m damage from skills like fulminating onslaught or other 400% + damage skills.

i use , it shows me the damage range of all of my skills and the the crit dmg rates too.
if you are going to be running Sharpshooter you want to stack the crap out of crit damage...but it wont be your true damage cause it shows more of a max damage. if you take off SS and archery that is your damage...but when doing a DH i suggest you do crit chance and dex with crit damage then if you can squeeze it in im trying to do max speed and im at the uber expensive part now...but im rocking 3.17 with 150k just archery can bump to 157k if i go back to andis he1m...
as was said earlier ... DPS stands for Damage Per Second.

if you have an Attacks Per Second of 10.... then your APS = 10. If you have an APS of 10 and a DPS of 200k that means average shot = 200k/10 = 20k (just trying to keep it simple).

So Yeah you can have 3.0aps runnin 170k dps and that is the same as roughly ~56k per shot

when you start factoring in other things I think other posters gave good example of how it works up above.
I like how everyone is continuing on in this thread yet the OP has not acknowledged anyone since being called out that he doesn't even know how DPS works/is calculated in this game.

And of course, he expected a blue response in this thread.

Use and figure it out.

For Example:
Multishot: Full Broadside
DPS 655530
Average Hit 291731
Damage Range 51090 - 113048
Critical Hit 272310 - 602547
Life Steal/Hit Avg 1750.39
Life on Hit/Hit Avg 53.27
LPS (APS*(LoH+LS)) 4052.88
Gear Bonus +8% Crit

Bola Shot: Thunder Ball
DPS 440297
Average Hit 195946
Damage Range 38021 - 84129
Critical Hit 202650 - 448407
Life Steal/Hit Avg 1175.68
Life on Hit/Hit Avg 159.5
LPS (APS*(LoH+LS)) 3000.19
Hatred Generation 6.74 hatred/sec

Those are my numbers and playing the game, they are pretty much dead on.
dex cd all buff one thing.
wpn damage.

atk spd increases the speed of which this buffed damage gets dished.

if you want more damage... get a weapon that does more damage.
2hxbow decent yellow is

388-889 (i think thats your weapon damage)
To OP: DPS = Damage Per Second

First off, even the worst of the worst players are aware of how DPS works... and you complaining about not recieving a blue post just conveys total ignorance besides the fact that you obviously know next to nothing about simple game mechanics. So in the future, perhaps try and do a little research before throwing a tantrum on a public forum.

Secondly, are you really running around with just a calamity slotted in primary?

Pay to win much?
Okay think of it like this at 2 attacks persecond and say 100k not critting both of your attacks and doing just 100 per weapon damage with a primary you are at 50k each attack. So say you are at 300k at 3 attacks per second with no crit increase you are doin 100k three times. Characters with less attack speed crit higher because say you are at 1 attack per second you are doing you FULL dps (damage per second) so the higher your attack speed the lower you crit its simple math. The demon hunter CHARACTER isnt bugged just the perception of some players. if you want higher crits simply knock down some of your attack speed for crit damage or just trade in your bow for something with higher crit damage and slower attack speed like switching from a one hander say calamity to slower xbow like a manticore.
DPS is really not that hard to understand. DPS stands for damage per second, if you do 3 attacks per second you're NOT gonna hit 170k every hit, you're roughly gonna do one third of your dps every hit. Aside from that dps is an average! Look at your weapon, you see the dps number? Below it do you see a range of damage? Example 388 - 899?! That means every hit you fire off will randomly use a damage number between that range, it's called RNG, random number generation. Sometimes you will land low crits, sometimes you will land high crits, the average will be roughly what your dps.
I can't believe this thread even exists...

Numbers must be really complicated to some people...

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