ShockNadoShards (SNS), a CM/WW build [guide]

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Yep - energy armor is great for survivability. Especially force armor for ubers. But if you're running energy armor then you're not running storm armor. And if you're not running storm armor then you're not running full SNS. Which sucks, cause it does so much more damage.

Ran ubers last night with another CM wiz. Did full SNS for the first time with ubers (typically I do Force armor to not get one-shot by Magda) and damn, did they die quickly. With Force armor I'm only doing like half the damage.

Choices, choices...
Lookin for pointers!

The oculus is one I found - my main question is Chantodo. I have a friend who played wiz when I was monk and I gave him a Chantodo's Will. He doesn't play Wiz no more so might borrow that and see about getting a Chantodo's Force. Thing is I'd lose 600 iin the heck can I stay on a budget and make up 600 LoH? Ammy is gonna run at least 8 mil but I guess with Chantodo set I can maybe drop the IAS on an ammy?

Thanks :D
@ BigB

Well, you have a long way to go to reach any sort of higher breakpoint (i.e. 2.5 or 2.73) and Chant's set it the easiest way to do it. Look for blackthorns pants as a good source of LoH. Cheap ones ought to be just as good as the ones you have now, but will have LoH.
eh, cheap is negotiable. I spend about 1.3mil on this set and blackthorns pants with all res near what I have is near 50mil.

I am real dumb and passed up a chanto will with 100% cd that was up for 2mil buyout...rage.

With this increased APS, how will I know the cost/benefit of increased APS and LoH gained vs. All res?

Yeah, sorry. I either didn't see the All Res, or thought i'd be a good tradeoff to lose the All Res in order to get cheap Blackthorns. You'd get LoH and +%life, STR, DEX, etc....vs what you have exchange for All Res. You have alot of gearing up to do. And I'm guessing you don't have alot of gold. You have to make some sacrifices as you gear up...
interesting. Yea I know I need LoH and as I increase my APS that LoH increases as well. I'd hate to make a buy and end up being the worse for it 0.o Lol, diablo the financial risk simulator

edit - crimminy!! MP7 was nuts. I was torn up. Makes me want to INCREASE AR and LoH but to get faster APS I need to decrease it. Maintaining this AR with the gear to get higher APS just seems nigh impossible.

So If I get an ammy with 500+ LoH and 7CC instead of 8.5 then switch to chanto set. That might be best 1st move from here, yea?
Got some help earlier in this thread, so I'll do this here.

Checkup, please? Pretty big EHP upgrades and some small DPS upgrades in the last 2 weeks. ~700AR, 4600armor, 2.73 BP, and an even 50% CC. Good enough for MP9 ubers with crystal shell. Haven't tried MP10 but don't really care anyway - I'm happy at 8-9.

Yeah so I know everyone hates Inna's and I should get a Witching Hour... I look at those two slots as a pair since I can't go BJM without WH to make up the IAS. So I've done the math and priced it out 50 different ways - I would have to spend 75-100M total on BJM/WH just to match the EHP I get from my current pants and belt. For that coin I would also pick up some LOH and %CD so there is that. But man I still think I get more bang for the buck elsewhere. Thanks for your thoughts.
tried to follow this guide and think I have EHP in line with my goal of MP9/MP10 Uber mostly (not sure how I'll fare), but since I am at the 3.001 breakpoint, wanted any thoughts on areas to focus next. I would expect Jewelry/Gloves are obvious upgrade options as well as Int on bracers if I can lose some Vit?
@TrojanDomer: I'm sure you'll be fine at MP9; your mitigation is even better than mine, especially the armor. I also notice 3 pieces of life regen for over 800/second - nice.

From my limited experience... yeah I would say you could stand to lose some VIT. Without changing any gear you could swap in tops for ames down to like 35K health. Depends if you want "rarely dies" or "never ever dies". I'm ok with rarely.
Hey all - i added a section to the end of the guide called "playstyle and affixes"

It gives a brief introduction on how to play the build (what keys to mash, what order, positioning, etc.) I think when some people start the build they're not sure what they are getting into....and die alot because of it. Its not as easy as teleporting in and freezing and killing things. There's subtle positioning involved which takes practice....but looks easy. This should help to teach newbies on how to approach the build from that perspective.

The section is not complete yet...I'll be doing more updating later.

As always, if you see any mistakes,....or think that there's something that I missed, just add it in the comments section and I'll add it.

Hello Piehole,

Really great guide -- I've upgraded and flat broke, but I'd love some crit on my current state!
It was rough climb, but I don't think it's terrible :P

Thanks man!!!!
Hi, is my Wiz any good? I borrowed a few items from my Monk and WD and bought a few cheap items for her to try this out. Ran her on MP6 and she did well. Is her Wand/Source good? Thanks. I have no clue about this build, just been reading this helpful guide.
Hi to all CM / SNS Wizard pals. I'm a UK player who loves this build and guide! Thanks a lot to all posters here.

Especially Pie Hole who evidently took a LOT of time and care on this guide. I have followed the 'mid to end game' guide and managed 2.74 AS and 52% CC and 200% CD. This is unbuffed and without follower. I have 1300+ LoH and 25 ApoC.

This gives a sheet dps @ 105 - 110k, however for ubers with the energy and prismatic rune, I'm @ 800 resis and 7k armour and have thus far done group MP8 ubers with NO issues, am sure MP9 or 10 will be ok too with the safe passage runed TP.

It took @ 500m and a LOT of time and tweaking, discarding items almost as soon as I bought em lol, as my main is barb and I had been Archon with LS Skorn @ 200k dps.

Here is my current profile -

I'd very much appreciate any tips or advice on further tuning / tweaking please...

And Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the UK love! Looks like you built a pretty decent wiz. I'm traveling, and can only check on my I can't examine your build as closely as I normally do, but it seems like you have too much vitality. You only need about 30-35k life. Consider doing what I did - get an 800 armor tals chest! Sacrifice vit in order to find an affordable one. Shouldn't run you more than 20m, and it'd push you toward 5k armor. At some point in mp8 or 9 ubers try to run straight SNS - no prismatic/force - and see if you can take a hit from magda w/o getting one-shot. I bet you'll be ok. You have to play more carefully, but the extra DPS is really nice. Good luck!

Not a bad start! I think you need one more piece of IAS gear to make it to 2.73 breakpoint. Then you'll be good. Not a bad wand, it's the fastest that a wand can get without having +iAS. And the +CD is a lot cheaper than an open socket (for starters). I almost went this route. The source is pretty weak. Try for 200+ avg damage, and look for a good extra useful stat as well, like vit and str. Source is a sneaky place to add in an extra stat. Cheers!

Love the armor and resists, but where's the attack speed? The build relies on stacking IAS and CC on most items to work well. Go back and see what you can do about this. You still have a lot of work to do.

Check my profile for a common example of where to stack ias and cc. Well, my Ammys on the AH, but has 9CC and CD and Res all and such.

Awesome, gonna try it out right now :)
Nice write up Piehole!
Didnt get the chance to thank you for this. That chance came and I nominated you.

Great work!

Are there diminishing returns on CC? I'm at 2.77 aps and 54.5 cc. I'm thinking about losing some cc so I can work on other stats. Is this a good idea?
@Monsta, I don't think there is dimishing returns on CC. More cc, better it is. but it's so hard obtain 3.01 breakpoint. so my recommendation is if you lose some cc, try to gain CD and AR instead.

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