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Hello I have a small problem.

This is my link


but diablo progress is not counting my full movement speed which is 24% and not 12%.

Thank you.
Nm its on blizzard side not updating the profile.
12/03/2012 09:47 AMPosted by Celanian
Passives are not included in the formula. Only raw unbuffed numbers from Diabloprogress.

That's what I figured. Seems to be a gap in the way sustain is dealt with, but sorta a hard thing to address with calculations as well.

It is also a bit counterintuitive to have different types of wings, if one doesn't consider the active/passive skills. Sure, it gives you categorization/grouping to compare types of gear so that is a bit easier for participants to look at, but a high DPS WW vs a high EHP WW vs a balanced WW are hardly the same "godly-ness", and in theory could craft out the same score by gaming the scoring mechanism. The first will clear fast, but may die quickly, the second will clear slow but rarely die, and the third will be somewhere in between. With the right gear choices and looking at the equations you use, one should be able to balance out the scores so that they are about equal for the final score.

Anyway, my point is, and others have made this as well, that gear is only part of the equation and that the strength of the character is a multi-factor element. 1) Gear, 2) Passives, 3) Active skill synergy with gear, 4) Player ability to play those skills. 1 and 2 you can measure/calculate (although some of the passives are a bit more complicated than others). 3 and 4 you can't really factor in, as there is no real quantitative measurement for it.

A quick example..

100k DPS WW barb with 3% Lifesteal and 3% Bloodthirst = 6k life, Sustain would use 3% LS
100k DPS WW barb with 3% Lifesteal = 3k life, Sustain would use 3% LS
200K DPS WW barb with 3% Lifesteal = 6k life, Sustain would use 3% LS
200K DPS WW barb with 3% Bloodthirst = 6k life, Sustain would use 0% LS

Obviously the last 200k one has sustain qualities though, and they are equal to the the prior 200k example and the 100k example, they are obviously not equal.
Your comparison of a 200k DPS barb with 3% LS on gear and another 200k DPS barb with only 3% LS from passive are NOT equal at all. Barb 1 does not have to use the passive to get that life steal so he is free to use either a more defensive passive or a more offensive passive to help him suit his needs. Barb 2 is forced to use the passive if he wants life steal and as such cannot use a more beneficial passive.

As for your other examples the formula already reflects and rewards barbs with more DPS so the score of a 100k DPS barb with 3% LS and a 200k DPS barb with 3% LS are not equal at all.

Death, I agree that the end score of the 4 examples are not the same and that the barbs are not the same, but in game, they are potentially equally godly. Since this neglects skill of player, skill selection, and passives, you have to neglect them too... which in my opinion, may or may not be right.

Sorry, the example was not fully reflective of the longer argument above (since I would have had to do the math to figure out where the DPS to EHP/Sustain balance point is).

I was just saying that their sustain values are not reflective of their real sustain capabilities in game (which is what the sustain calculation/simulation was originally based off of if I remember right). I do agree 100% that it could handicap the barb by HAVING to choose bloodthirst, but my point is that since the calculations don't take passives into account, it doesn't matter what they choose for any passive. It isn't reflected in these calculations. One could build a barb that was designed to use bloodthirst, rather than another passive and be excellent.

For instance, 2H rend skorn builds will output a much higher DPS and be better off without LS on the skorn (generally LS skorns are lower rolls). Using a WH/Lamentation, stacking AS/CD/CC, maximizing DPS... will result in HUGE DPS. Add rend, lacerate and you have more damage and passive bloodthirst for the healing. As long as you have enough EHP to handle damage spikes, that build (with the right skill choices) should be near unstoppable in mp10 but it would have a 0% sustain and not score as well as something else.

I'd have to run the math, but what does a 300K DPS barb that has say 35K-40K life, 0% sustain and 0% movement end up with on the score chart? Does DPS weigh heavy enough to factor that out?
Hall Score: 55,316.89

DPS Score: 170.91
EHP Score: 96.10
Sustain Score: 1.81
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.00
D3 Progress URL:


Hall Score: 59,687.39

DPS Score: 193.22
EHP Score: 101.59
Sustain Score: 1.81
Move Score: 1.12
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.00

Thanks again, Cel
Hall Score: 33,640.35

DPS Score: 109.89
EHP Score: 83.33
Sustain Score: 2.03
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.46
Misc Score: 1.00
D3 Progress URL:



Still 3k from list
Death and DipSpit updated. Syn added to Hall.


The calculator should work now for DH.
Hall Score: 44,342.82

DPS Score: 229.97
EHP Score: 70.77
Sustain Score: 1.78
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.24
Misc Score: 1.00

Hmm ok.


is link but is leaving out my recent 12% movement speed on my new ice climbers. The problem is the update still has not occurred on Blizzard side yet.

With that increase I would be at 36,965 for two handed.
Can I get a score? I think I'm getting there... Would like to hear others opinions.

Hall Score: 69,208.23

DPS Score: 229.14
EHP Score: 97.80
Sustain Score: 1.66
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.00
D3 Progress URL: http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/dcdead-2517/Barbarossa/2096483
Elemental Damage on Weapon: y
dcdead updated.

@Llama 23,318
Lol, I guess I am NOT getting there. Thx for the score anyway.
Please add me to 2h wing. Thank you.


Hall Score: 36,099.06

DPS Score: 145.34
EHP Score: 91.20
Sustain Score: 1.76
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.25
Misc Score: 1.00

Celanian: I'm curious. I had 185k DPS unbuffed, 1.35m EHP unbuffed, 24% move speed, 6% leech, 83 paragon, etc.

What would my score have been? I'm not at home, so I can't do the physical calculations.

Assuming no LOH/Bonus Elite Damage/Bonus Elemental damage, 400 regen, 70,000 HP, and that you've already used an amethyst in helm, about 75,000.

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