Paragon leveling with MP0 or Mp???

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I am currently DH Lv60 paragon 26. I want to get to level 40 plus. I am using Act 3 run MP0 right now to farm xp/keys/legendaries. It seems the level increase has slowed down abit. Has anyone up MP1 or MP2 to gain more xp per run?

Right now my run is about 40 minutes long and everage of 7 million xp per run. I am using XP stone on helm/3 gears with +72 xp per kill bonus. Sorry no signet or hellfire. Trying to get keys in third act 3. I have 3 act one keys/ 1 act 2 keys/ and 2 act 3 keys and no blacksmith plans yet.

If you are Paragon Level 40+ Please let me know your strategy/advice. How many hours / level did it take you to get to level 25 to level 40+
Well it's slowing down because as you level higher you need more exp to gain the next level. Also you can't find keys in MP0.

Do yourself a favor and craft a Hellfire. Even if it sucks it makes a huge difference if you're just doing exp runs.
Hellfire ring + Radiant Star ruby will help a lot.
BTW why are you using a compass rose ring?
All my keys are from MP0 drops.. it took me 1 hour plus on MP1 to farm per run so I dropped down to MP0 .. I have 6 keys all from MP0 runs. I swear. Level 15 to level25. 2hours a day and a couple of weeks laters.

Compass Rose was an old item. Server must not have updated my new gears. Compass Rose was 12% movement speed item. After ten level up and a 11 legendary item sales I got 22 mil gold. My DPS went fom 36k to 62k. Note: started with zero gold at paragon level 11. I hit the jackpot when I picked up Lacuni with 179armor/110 int/9%att. speed/12%move speed. that sucker sold for 19 mil gold. I am confused as hell about that one. I have seen way better ones for under 5 mil gold. And it was not a typo bid( I watched the bid from 500k to 11 mil to 13.5 mil to 17 mil and sold at 19 mil) All the other legendaries sold under a mil each.

I am farming Act 3 to get xp plus the 3rd key from there SO I can get hellfire ring. I understand you need 3 keys each (9total) plus hellfire plan minimum? I figure once I get the third key I will MP5 act 2 for two more keys and then the plan.
get rid of +xp gear, that's useless (what you want is +xp % from hellfire and soc helm).

40mins for 7m xp is, well,..ouch.
with your dps stay in MP0, that's fine.
work on getting a bit more dps. I'd start by getting rid of the windforce if I were you. someone has a thread on first page I think, 1m gold for 90k dps, might want to take a look.

your goal is to get close to 1m xp/minute, that's pretty much the rate for high level folk. I'm at 16m xp in 18mins myself w 160k dps legacy nats, I do MP1

Yeah my bad. It's a 5% drop rate on MP0
Well you need 3 of each key and the plans to make 3 infernal machines. Then you have to find 3 organs plus pay 2 million for the designs to craft a ring.

As with the keys the organs drop % is in relation to what MP level you are playing at.
90k DPS for a mil???? really?? what paragon level was he at?? I will definately read that thread.

I Just spend 20 mil on gears. I will do the runs again this weekend and see if I can improve xp/run with a goal of reducing run time( Alkaiser run with zero item pickup).

I will get rid of All Things that don' contribute to DPS this weekend. I will check on this thread Saturday night and APPLY all the good tips thus far. I will let you guys know.

And thanks for the help thus far!! Great appreciate it !!
It looks like your using a max MF gear setup which compensates for the lack of MP aiding it. That gear w/ 5 NV seems to make quite the difference in drops.

As for exp, eventually the exp will slow down and then you have to invest into being able to farm higher MPs.
Yeah. Thinking back it would have been fast to level up to par lv25 first with better DPS gear instead of MF gear.

I just spent 20 mil on DPS gear upgrade so I am sure it will improve run time..

My goal is to get to hellfire ring ASAP ... Once I get 9 keys and plan I will let rethink my strategy.

From lv26 to lv30 I hope to get 1 or 2 more keys on these runs. Till then no AH spending or rare pickups or gold pick ups.. Just max kills/run and faster minutes per run. I will stop to pick up only legendaries to sale.
this is what i do. hellfire ring, ruby in helm, and leoric ring. you should try hungering arrow and elemental ball lightning. change vault to tumble then use tactical advantage, vengeance, and nightstalker. this will make you move faster and keep your discipline up. i do mp1 all the way. i will hit paragon 100 this weekend.
Tips I learned for leveling my DH, in order of importance:
-Hellfire ring
-Put the best red gem you can afford in your helm.
-Increased movement speed using Nat Bloody Footprints, and Inna's pants, maybe with lacunis bracers
-Run Act 3 on MP1 to farm exp. Not only does the MP1 give you a better chance to drop level 63 items, it also has a small buff to exp gain (not to mention other benefits).
-Hellfire ring on your bodyguard. You'll get 1/4 of the bonus, so around +9% to exp gain.

If you are having trouble getting the hellfire rings, do the following:
Farm on MP3 or MP4, get three of each key + plans. Then post in general trade chat the following: Looking for Uber run on MP5. Must have a machine.

This way, you only have to be responsible for 1 of the three machines.

Sounds solid. Great advice. I will refocus more toward hellfire ring item farming. One question about Uber Run MP5 - I can't get public game on MP1+ games.

Progress report so thus far.
1st 5 runs with new gears :
36k DPS to 62k DPS - died twice per run( It seems I lost LoH on new gears but gained 20yards of pickup) average per run=37 min. at 15.3mil xp per run( two legendaries drops at the start. 2nd and 3rd elite mob)

2nd 5 run set: swapped hungering arrow with with bola. Adjusted gameplay for lower LoH and relied more on health globe drops via vaults( amazingly surprised at health regen. via health globe. I just more and they get sucked in) average per run = 13.5 mil xp per 30 minutes. no deaths.

3rd run: swaps bola thunder for bola explode radius.
7+ trash mobs(1 hit kils) - BL vault forward and another BL ( plowing through really quickly and gained lots of mighty blows bonus. bested at 68 kills)
4+ medium mobs (3 or more hits kills) Ball Lightning/ bola then vault into the pack and BL( not bad result but it lets me more forward with minor slow down)
Elite pack - 5plus shots to kill and depending on pack or packs alot of adjustments but surviving. I think I can get through them alittle more quickly if I had more life steal or Life on hits equip. But I can't make any purchases yet till level 30. no more gold plus I want the server to upgrade my current profile for you guys to see what I am running now so I can get some advice which gear has more priority that needs to get swapped out...

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful suggestions. I may not check back on this thread again though as I am confident I am on the right path to FUN and LEVELING Paragon.

Progress update:

Paragon level 30: MF set up = 72k DPS Max DPS set is 92k DPS
Collect 9 keys and infernal machine plan ( will get to making the hellfire ring by next weekend I hope)
Decide to do a Leoric's signet run just take a break from the grind : found Signet with 27% and 32 int. on first run. Did second run and two mobs later another ring drops but it was the SH@#$T one.. HAHA . OVERALL great weekend.

Note: For those who are looking for there Signet or first legendary - JUST HANG IN THERE. I started the leoric's signet run 3 weeks ago on and off... and just got one ....
I'm also having the strange trouble. I've been doing mp1 act 3 alk runs(core,crater2,tower 1, stonefort, deeps 2/3, and fields of slaughter) and it takes me about 40-45mins for about 20m exp. Not sure if it is because of my equipment but upgrading will take mils and i don't have that much on me =/
best possible way to gain experience

Radiant Ruby in helm (31%)
Cains helm, pants and boots (30%)
Leorics (30%)
Hellfire (35%)
Leorics on follower
Hellfire on follower
run Alkaizer on mp0

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ fastest possible way to gain exp, puts you at about +120% exp gained

*edit: my exp farming gear is currently equipped, as you can see i opted to get all the Cain's pieces with +4 pickup radius, it just makes farming exp much easier for snaking globes and gold as you run as quickly as possible through the maps
if you are doing xp runs, forget about the keys, the chests, the gold drops, the rare chest/helm/belt/boots/quiver/source/mojo/two-handers, even rare pants/shoulders/one-handers unless they are lvl 63.

do alkaizer runs, and pick up only legendaries and rare rings/amulets/gloves/bracers. or you can even ignore the rare gloves and bracers if you want.

make sure you are running the MP lvl where you can basically one-shot most trash mobs.

aim for minimum 40m xp / hr, ideally 60m+/hr (i have to ignore everything to get even close to 60m/hr)
I agree with x0pht on the ignore everything except legendary and the one shot kills. I also tested rapid fire on an elite - should be able to kill one with less than one full unload of hatred. Anymore is not good.

I am running 28 yard pickup radius( not intentionally - the upgrade I did came with pick radius by chance). This speeds up your round a lot. Basically I pickup everything on the screen by just moving. This gave me another unexpected welcomed surprise : I gain HP regen. From health globes a lot. I find my HP is always up and I can sit there and unload DPS on the elite until my HP is low then I vault out. It did not matter where to (usually to the side) I just suck in the health globe as soon as move(I have health globe bonus items also by chance as well). I was able to kill elites fast and noticed less time kiting.

Leoric signet 7 yards pickup - boots 7 - shoulders7 - gloves 7 ( I bought these for the dex but 12% movement speed but got the pickup radius with and I didn't even think about them)
My main large trash strategy: ball light ( one or two max ) multiple shot with rockets( they seem to auto target any larger demons that are not dead yet then I unload as many hungering arrows with scatter I can ( this clears regular mobs well) or bola with thunder( it stuns the elites ) or volitale ( works better with elites cause of area damage which compliments my life steal weapon. If they are not dead by then I just unload rapid fire or multishot again.

I hope this helps. I am trying different things as I go along to see what works better. If you notice something unexpected but works out good please posted here too. I would love to hear about it.

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