Some painful (and expensive) lessons...

12/03/2012 02:07 PMPosted by Fitz
When fighting uber-Leoric in melee range, observe his actions carefully. His animation for the 3-swing-attack is bugged and doesn't show proberly but instead he will walk very very slowly but you will still take huge damage from him 3 times.

Not sure how this relates to OP. Also, what makes you think this is a bug? I thought it was a normal attack form him... people commonly call it the "spirit walk."
1. Fight the normal version of leoric
2. Check when he wants to do his swing
3. Count the numbers of failed animations (btw it's gonna be 0)

Son, you disappoint me
12/03/2012 04:16 PMPosted by simplemath
Save gold, wait for gem dupers to crash the market, buy for 5mil, sell for 22 mil when Blizzard finally fixes the problem they officially say never existed in the first place.

That was the best day ever

I, being incredibly cheap, was waiting for them to fall from 4.5 to 4 million ...

And then, of course, Blizzard fixed the issue. #$%&!
12/03/2012 07:29 AMPosted by Demiwraith
The more expensive an item you are selling is, the more it pays to REALLY double check the number of zeros you put in the buy out price.

Never sell things bright and early and never sell after 2 am
And make sure check what you just posted

My 100m lesson
Back to the day gems fell to 4.5 Mil I picked up complete set for my monk. Was plum out of gold and the lacunis' I currently have was on the AH so I sold all my gems when the price jumped to 10M thinking I can buy them again when the market settles again to 4.5M. Borrowed the rest of the gold from a few friends and picked up the bracers. Not only did the gems go up to 18-20M I owed my friends a buuttt load of gold.

Lesson do not fly of the handle cause you fall in love with an item. Purchase what you can afford and don't owe anybody anything. That goes for selling gems back or items that you think you can recoup later on. Usually turns into a bum deal.

EDIT: Thats why I was rolling around with perfect square gems on my gear for a couple of weeks haha.
Can definitely relate to the Gem lesson. I totally missed the window of opportunity, thinking I could save a few hundred thousands by waiting for it to drop a little bit more... Hah!

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