RATE the throw BARB Above you Part Z3R0!!!

just a little fun plz post your throw barbs and rate the one above
Hey z3r0 i rate u at 7.5/10 :)

Might wanna get a cold soj with minus throw cost to mitigate the fear from EF. They synergize really well!
I like the fear from EF, keeps the elites at bay.

7/10 nice dps on the EF.

Dunno if my profile has updated, sacrificed 20kdps for 100 AR and some attack speed for mobility.

rating you at 6/10

if you are targeting lower MP levels your gears are just fine..

but for more fun.. target the higher mp levels.. for that increase your AR and DPS also try having some life steal :)
Hey wanna rate mine and maybe suggest my next upgrade?
Sorry didn't read the title. Not a throw barb.

very cool your using Tal Rash's for the AS...

Do not like the EF's fear proc generally, cold SoJ or not.

My EU profile : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/EshkoBeshko-2955/hero/19017907
@arakon nice ik chest. 8/10

7.5/10 for a throw barb

really nice shoulders!

Pretty nice barb, biggest room for improvement is your ammy. Adding some ias/cd would greatly help your dps


Wow, v nice. 9/10. Great hellfire and EF.

Struggle to find anything to improve on, perhaps a 300th with more % to WT?

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