RMAH- Unabe to receive Gold

Technical Support
I placed an order for 5million gold and was sent the email confirmation that i was able to collect the gold in the ''Completed tab''.

But, there isn't any gold to be sent to stash.

Any updates on when will the gold be arriving ?(:
Have you tried submitting a support ticket? That is the appropriate way to get help with auction house issues -- the ticket creation process even has fields for order ID and timeframe. This article will lead you through the process: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/contact
Yes i did, and yet a reply.
So.. still no one to help ?

Can't believe i paid for 5mil and i cldn't get anything =/

The records I see indicate the transaction failed. You'll need to wait until your ticket is answered to get more information as we cannot help with auction house transactions in the forums.

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