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Ditto...Do this stuff blizz!!
this is an awesome thread but i tell u something, the game is die´ing, 3 of 3 real life friends stopped playing before 1.04, nobody came back...i was alway the one who wanted to motivate them and always believes in this game but recently i just logged in and watched the character menu for 20 second and just quit the game ... im just not motivated anymore...dont know anything that could remotivate me...
great post OP. i love everything you said, even as a SC player :)
uh agreed on all points, hope dies last.
Congratulations and I agree with almost all of your suggestions
I agree that some buffs to skills and gameplay need to happen but the specific suggestions in OP's post would break the game.

We need some changes that are balanced.
can you say bot anyone?
Main reaason why I dont play D3 anymore is lack of motivaion to play. I agree with everything OP wrote. Personally I will wait unitil pvp and maybe then I will start to play again ...

But this "Regardless of difficulty (MP), the player should feel like a GOD, not some puny mortal stomping 3 spiders" will make the game boring. They need to fix MP levels. MP levels added was a GOOD thing. However its stupid how farming lower mp levels offers better xp/better loot per time spent and is way easier. Higher MP levels should have better Loot gained per time spent. Maybe they can balance it so that lower mp = xp farming and higher mp = better loot. There is absolutely no reason to do higher mp levels right now other than hellfire ring farming and im sure blizzard has not intended it for it to be this way.

They have all but stated this was their intention, I can't find the blue post right now, but to paraphrase... they didn't want better loot from higher MP levels, because they didn't want players to feel it was a requirement to do high MP... they didn't want a !@#$storm from casual gamers who weren't given the same opportunity to obtain gear...
So your idea of fun is making everything OP and thus making the game boring? I do agree with skill balance and crafting buffs. I also do very much agree to add in a safety thing to prevent dc deaths from HC. Hardcore community would be atleast 200% larger if they had some sort of anti dc death in the game, perhaps what you suggested makes sense.

His suggestion is the lesser of two evils. Right now its clear that one class has multiple advantages over the other four. Solving this problem is possible in one of two ways:

1. Buff the four other classes.
2. Nerf the strongest class.

Option 1 makes the game funner for everybody, including the players of the class in question. How you ask? In two different ways. Firstly, that nothing changes for them. And secondly, perhaps now they'll be interested in actually trying the other four classes out.

Option 2 is less exciting for everybody. Firstly, it pisses off almost everybody who plays the class which could result in the worst case scenario of the person actually quitting the game. Secondly, the players of the other four classes have nothing new to look forward to.

He's not even saying 1 class is better. He's saying that most of the skills suck. Like who would ever take call of the ancients over WotB. Do you even know what call of the ancients is? So far to "buff" skills they will up them by like 5% effectiveness. For many of the skills that is complete crap and really need a lot more attention. There is a reason you look at top builds and they are like 90% or more among all players.

And to the guy saying "make it OP and ruin the game". First of all /facepalm. Second of all he means OP to the level of the current cookie cutter skills. He even elaborates saying that as a WW barb he feels !@#$in godly. Do you think an ancient spear barb feels godly? These %^-*ty skills need huge buffs to make them viable.

Grats OP. Way to stick through it. And every single idea you had was amazing. So amazing that I guarantee Jay Wilson already said, "!@#$ this guy, I do my game how I want to!" And immediately scrapped any congruent ideas. Diablo 3: The Fat Man's Ego
This is a great post. iv been thinking a lot on changes they could have done to the game and i think your on the right track here. Most of you'r suggestions would work really well but some might be harder since they would require lots of rewriting in the game engine.

Your chat ideas was great, we need to get better communication and a more fun way to interact with others.
To fix the crafting problems, make so you will have to collect unique crafting materials that only can drop in a area or boss? (doesn't have to be armor/weapon, maybe you should be able to craft jewels?) could give like Ares/block%/atk%/chc depending on what item you putted it in. If you could get critt dmg/chc/chd from socket shield people will start playing with shields again.
Make gems less powerful in weapon but increase the amount of sockets so you can customize more? why add 100critt if you could choose to get both 50% critt and some loh?

Let all bosses be alive in every game. Let us use waypoint to get to different act but in same game. Maybe you should be able to do all bosses in 1 game and get a chance of a award on killing diablo or maybe a extra chance to get an item from ubers when having these boss stacks.

Make it more rewarding to play with others, if party with barb gives life reg, monk give loh, dh gives critt chance, sorc ares, WD critt dmg, Shouldn't be large numbers just a little extra.
should feel like more the merrier in a party.

Have random chance to spawn really hard caves with debuffs if your to slow killing them?
(not really hard caves but really really really hard caves!)

Everything that can spice things up will sure taste better!

Congratulations on Paragon 100 and thanks for giving your honest opinion and well written post!
Blues rather respond to unimportant battletag threads. As usual.
+ another 1. Great ideas. Would also love to have monks buffed this time around, instead of nerfed..
Love how world first in the Americas = World first on a US server.

Here is a hint guys,

There is more than 1 country in North& South America...

Hence why the servers are called "americas"
World first is irrelevant. OP shouldn't have stated it that way and the rest of you shouldn't be focusing on it. OP made it to P100 in HC and grats on that, regardless.

The point is that he has a number of really good suggestions that Blizzard should take into consideration. What Blizzard cannot fix, however, is this juvenile community.
HOLY CRAP... How many hours logged?
Total support from me on OP... So much of this is stuff right out of my own brain, that you have put into words. Gratz on HC 100 by the way, you have far more cajones than I, as I dont have the stones to gamble my long hours into a character I could lose at nearly any moment.
24 hours and not a Blue post. Not one hearty handshake or pat on the back from a Blue.

Quite sad.
11/30/2012 05:48 AMPosted by Carzeri
Blues rather respond to unimportant battletag threads. As usual.

ya its pathetic, i lose more respect for these forums and game with each passing day

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