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11/28/2012 05:03 PMPosted by MotherMedusa
People have already hit paragon 100 in the US servers...lol.

This is HC bro.

Yeah, you're not the first HC paragon 100. Sorry bro. Maybe in Americas, but def not world.
Hit 100 yesterday, making me server first Paragon 100 in HC.

It's been a long trip, considering all my dead barbs before this one, so one thing I wanted to do was to share my thoughts on the game after it's finally done. Many of them obviously focus on the HC side of things, some are more general.

I have many suggestions that are based on personal experience, but would not be necessarily like by everyone. I'll leave those for last as some flame fodder. I will do my best to give support to my suggestions.

General thoughts and suggestions
1.Too many skills and runes are inferior to others.

I agree there. An example would be WotB vs Call of the Ancients. I'd really like to use Call of the Ancients instead but its far inferior. Due to some of the changes in game, its faster paced now, and having 2min cd's is just way too long. WotB isn't bad because you have ways of extending it which I find good design. People can say what they want about WW barbs, but the fact is the gear, talents, and passives play/synergize together so very very well together and also together with the content (faster paced content means more aoe). I think Blizz ought to see how they can use this as a model for other ways of building characters (better anyway).

Lastly, too many legendaries are best in slot now. The only rares worth IDing right now, IMO, are the amulets and 1h weapons.

Didn't people know this would happen when they were clamoring for Blizz to buff Legendaries? For me the odd thing about legendaries is I find them exciting to drop, but I'm not super excited to wear them. Don't get me wrong, the artwork is cool on some of them. But when you look at profiles of accomplished players, so much of it is the same item. Good rare amulets are cooler in a sense because you just don't see it from player to player. I think its more that the selection of properties on a give legendary is too small. Maybe some people might think that legendaries are such a small drop that you should be guaranteed certain properties, but I don't think so.

Some of your other ideas I agree with and don't agree with are good topics for an expansion though!

Regardless, grats on your HC progress!
Instead of bashing him for being paragon 100 (congratulations btw OP), why not actually read everything he has said?

OP, very well thought-out post.
Agree with your ideas.

Too bad trolls will just focus on your paragon part.
Great post brotha, preach on +1
well said mate. hope this gets read
Gratz on your achievement!!

It is refreshing to good to see a well written constructive (positive) post.

Hopefully blizzard look read it and take some of it onboard. I agree with the OP's points and liked the suggestions (really like some - build diversity / item improvements would be awesome).

Thanks for taking the time to create it.
+1 to OP's suggestions.
Hats off bro, looking at your characters.. 99% are Hardcore.

And you lost 1 barb with 10k elite kills. All the respect for staying motivated after losing 4 barbs on HC.

*clap 3x*

Don't mind the trolls.
11/28/2012 04:58 PMPosted by MotherMedusa
One suggestion: allow jeweler to add a socket to a piece of gear in exchange for one of the mods

Honestly that is one of the simplest and smartest things I've heard.

Also I would throw another suggestion in:

On any item you *find* you can pay $X gold to the blacksmith to reroll any component on it once. You pay $X^2 for a second reroll, $X^4 for a third, etc.


1. more gold sink

2. people have a greater chance to make stuff they find turn into stuff they can use (i.e. IF ONLY THIS STUPID SHIELD WITH ALL MONK USEFUL STUFF HAD A SOCKET INSTEAD OF +9% MAGIC MISSLE DAMAGE!)... and a lot of gear that is so almost close to being good now has a second shot at being good, and that makes people happy.

3. it's crafting, people like crafting, and it's crafting with limited control instead of being the full on random crap that creates junk... people can now identify what went wrong with an item and make a semi-controlled attempt to fix it.

Item should have some kind of permanent durability loss that will limit the number of changes it can undergo. In Nethack for instance you can enchant a weapon you find, but every time you enchant it it gets closer to a limit. Pass that limit and you have a chance of destroying it when you enchant it.

Just an idea based on your idea which I think is good. Converting any existing roll into a socket as a jeweler task is a good idea. Changing any existing roll into a new random roll at the blacksmith I think is pretty good too.

Gotta be expensive.
Nice ideas.

Lower level legends should drop more. Remember how useful magefists were in d2? How about lidless? occy? titans? None of these were top level uniques.

Also, great ideas on making legends have worthy stats. For example, when i found a wolfhowl fury visor in d2x, I wanted my barb to turn into a wolf! And i made a build for it. Plain and simple.

Im currently grinding for leoric signet because I got so fricken bored grinding paragon waiting for a elite legend that never came. I stumbled upon magefist for the first time. I was happy to see it back, but since the stats were nowhere near usable, its just a piece of crap. Seriously, put something good on it like 15% ias but keep other stats low. Something to make the item useful and not just trash.
Congrats bro on being US First!
& you did it in what I see to be 275 hrs of game play.
Do Share your secrets :p

Congrats on LVL 100

you have written your suggestions well. if these decisions were in your hands, we would have a much more enjoyable game. Unfortunately, this things have been suggested time and time again in many posts and the only one who doesn't seem to care that the game can be easily improved is Blizzard ( I said care, not know, they know, they're not stupid).
Instead of bashing him for being paragon 100 (congratulations btw OP), why not actually read everything he has said?

OP, very well thought-out post.

Wouldnt expect anything more from this trash they call a community.

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