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Nobody cares about paragon levels or the barbarian class.

Nice work though.
Great post. I like most of the suggestions. I could think of other things to improve (mostly on useless skills from other classes), but I'll have to write that separately myself.

Congratulations, and I'm glad you posted your suggestions.
Lot of good suggestions here, +rep.
there is a TON of good ideas in there. Blizzard U READ NAO
feel as if I'm one of a few who actually read this... good job on getting 100, cool regardless of what some people say, and according to diablo progress you are US first, by almost 10 levels... so that's bad assery at it's finest

I think a lot of the suggestions you posted would greatly improve the game, and the fact on HC you hit 100 shows you have a serious dedication to the game

unfortunately, although you should be considered one of the most committed players of the game, period. Blizzard will likely take in to consideration people who play only soft core, and only have a few characters leveled to 60, and nothing significant in paragon levels. These people are the "majority" and they can complain more, and it is unfortunately, quantity of "suggestions" over quality... a lot of people would like to see the game as you would... but more would rather not even bother reading this, and !@#$% about what they want, and blizzard will cater the game to those people
First of all, congratulations on your achievement. I'm happy for you, I really am. With that said.......

Solution? Leave 60+ legendary drop rate where it's at. But also allow below-60 legendaries to drop as well.

No. This won't work. This is actually a ninja nerf to legendary drop rates ilvl 61-63 because ilvl 58-59 innately has higher drop chance than 61-63 which means actually seeing an ilvl 63 legendary is below the initial .02% drop rate. If you were to add lower level items, we would see nothing but those items because base items would have to be added in order for it to work, and they removed those base items for a reason.

That's a terrible idea. A better idea would be to change it to Diablo 2's system where you were guaranteed a unique in every game but certain uniques would be much rarer than others. For Diablo 3, it can be adapted so that ilvl 63's are the rarest, followed by 62 and then 61.
There are quite a few good ideas in here. I do continue to have hope that Blizzard will continue to improve on this game.
obligatory grats i guess. as for the game critique, all seem to be good if not great points. D3teamfail. D3teamnoclue. D3teamwedotheirjobs.

though I did think #5 was going to be "speaking of making new characters..." cuz obviously there's no incentive to do that now. (achievements? as if!)

anyway here's hoping 1% of good fan ideas
-- and by "good" i mean the points that we all look at and say ...... "how did this make it out of the lab?!"; the ones that reveal D3 for the shallow, uninspired game that it is --
make it in the game one day. that wold make it about 5000% better than it is now.
Congrats, inferno hardcore is a grand achievement by itself, 100 P, now that's serious grinding

I won't be emulating you though lol
Great post
interesting thoughts, appriciate that
Good stuff. This game could definitely use more stuff to do and higher build diversity.
Bravo sir, good stuff.
Congrats on 100 HC, I could never do it with my internet connection.
no skill tree = no true specialization

so yes buffing the other runes at ridiculous amounts, forcing players to have a headache on choices then slowly nerfing them over time is the way to open all doors atm.

the only issue I see is when skill runes become less gear dependent this affects blizzard's RMAH and hence why everything from the character skill options and stats is so "tight" without appropriate gearing.
Solid post. Thumps up.
A ton of crap on these boards, hell some of it posted by me. Just gotta say, best non funny/troll post I've read on these boards in months and I've been here every day since way way way back when. this post stands out.

Don't agree with letting low level legends drop though, to hell with that. I honestly do not even like getting ilvl 58 to drop in Inferno at all. I think it should actually be raised to only ilvl 60 and up. Everything else though I agree with.

And to think even after all that there's still a TON of other ideas that need to go in to this game to get it where it needs to be. Even if they implemented all of your ideas, they'd have ...so very much more work to do on top of all that to really make this game all it could be.

The barebones skeleton beta of a game we have now is good enough, and over time and with TLC from the devs and community it'll rock but at least we get to play the damn game finally. I'd rather have it in this incomplete shallow state than not have it at all I guess that boils down to patience. If you're patient with this team of devs and the community then eventually I think there's hope the payoff will be great. However, if they drop the ball and the expansion is just the same old crap we have now but with new paint, then and only then will I finally lose hope.

Waiting game at this point, they're on the right track with many fixes but some seriously slow development time compared to other smaller studios. Makes me think they've lost their internal edge that made them so beloved. Eh it happens. I won't blame them, bureaucracy overwhelms the best of things over time. Rambling now.
I agree with every post. He is saying there should be more low level legendaries dropping ON TOP of the 58-63s that already drop.. I completely agree with this because when RNG isn't going your way the game can feel very unrewarding and when the screen lights up with a legendary it's a good feeling, having this happen more often would make me keep farming.

+1 op

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