Infinite Dogs/Sacrifice Build - Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor

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Generally how much would this build cost me?
I multibox 4 witch doctors with this setup...and the lag is unplayable with so many dogs exploding. So just a heads up if u plan to do this with a friend who has c4dogs its gonna turn the game into a slideshow.
A cheap set that wont get you much farther than mp6 is around 100mil, but if you want to go higher it s way more than 200 mil.
I got my cd reduction items for around 60m. they are not great by any means, but they do the job. i can solo mp 7 w/o much problem, never tried anything harder alone though. But only the zdog gear will not make it for you. The build doesn't play itself, you gotta get more gear on your other slots to have good survivability and damage. id say with 150m and a lot of patience you can snipe some pretty good stuff and build your doctor.
So this is still viable? Methinks this build will be really tough to fight against in PvP
11/30/2012 08:47 PMPosted by Frigg
So this is still viable? Methinks this build will be really tough to fight against in PvP

Yup! It's very much viable in my opinion. I run Keys at Mp8-9 and can solo ubers at MP7 for now ( ). Not quite sure about PvP though, since for this build to do constant DPS, you cant move from your spot and that may be a bad thing.
It cost me ~100M yesterday to do this, 9 sec on Helm (3.5M), 8 sec on amy (75M), and 17 on mojo (15M). That;s all you need. Happy hunting.
does anyone know if there's a point where stacking attack speed stops working to speed up summon/sacrifice? another guy i play with said that it doesn't work past 2, but it doesn't feel like that.
10m for helm (9 cd) 65m each for SoJ w/5CD (+cold damage) and 20CD Homunculus. Played a little this morning and it is, pun intended, a blast!

I'm thinking either a black IAS dagger with CD/OS and Vit or a black dmg Sword. My current weap I got for 1M just to try it out.

A/R of 550 unbuffed and 4500 armor unbuffed. Where should I be to survive MP8-9? Not particularly anxious about solo btw
I've spent about 250 mill on just the 3 pieces needed to make it work (not including upgrades). It is very expensive.

But, I can do MP10 key runs np and MP9 uber runs with little to no deaths each run. Setup in profile.

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