Roaming freely through towns in diablo 3

Lore and Story
Have anyone ever thought of venturing out and being able to go back to places in diablo 2.

I want to see Lut Gholein, Khurast Docks, Pandemonium Fortress, Harrogath. I even want to see Talrasha's Tomb and the Sanctuary. :D

Anyways. just wondering though

Kindly visit my idea on Item Features I would like to add to diablo 3. leave a comment and like if you feel positive.

Item Combination Feature:

meh, would make lots and lots more lag and lots more work.

A game can only grow so big.
They should be right down the road from the towns in D3! Why not? just recycle them from D2. Don't even re-create them. Just overlay our characters onto the D2 towns. lol

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