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So my 2yr contract is almost up and I don't currently have a smart phone and am looking to get one with a new contract. I'm just looking for different peoples opinions about both phones, why you feel like one is better than the other and why.

I have no experience with either types of these phones so any and all advice/help is much appreciated! Thank you.
You'll need to be more specific, android is an operating system not a phone.
Damn I told ya I didn't know anything about these phones lol I guess the other one I would be looking at would be the Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3 is very very good I think. I was in the shop and held it in my hands. So big, but you can move into your phone with the half of your life and in white it is just wonderful :-)
Have had the Samsung Galaxy S2 for a couple of years now, has been a great phone.

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