How are you dealing w/ Reflect Damage?

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I wanted to see how other WDs are dealing w/ RD at high MPs (7+). I don't really have problems dealing w/ anything outside of RD. But this affix seems to be a little broken to me... My way of dealing with it has been to Phase walk and dish out as much dmg as I can, then rinse and repeat. As painful as it is, it's my only way of killing the elite pack outside of running away.

I'd like to know if other WDs are having this problem and if so, how you are dealing with it.

PS: I know I probably could respec or get some add'l LOH, but really do not feel like changing my setup for one affix. As mentioned above, I don't really have any other issues with the current setup outside of RD.
You're always going to have to "deal" with average damage.

As you said above - there really isn't any reason to gear for one affix, so if avoiding damage while waiting to spirit walk to do damage works for you then continue to stack your damage. The only time you really get hit in the nuts is when you have to do MP7+ ubers with seige and kule where reflect damage can be annoying if you're doing it solo.

Even if you gear for reflect damage the truth is you'll never just be able to spam 100k+ bears into a pack of three reflect damage elites without getting hit with some huge damage spikes. MP7+ i'd say just focus on stacking more vit - I like to accumulate a little of everything - Life regen, LoH and Life steal all together help but stoping damage is still required.
30 second respawn rate? lol

Spirit walk, and burn it down.
Use spirit walk / jaunt then use horrify / frightening aspect then wait for cooldown.
I run zero dogs, so I get healing off FtM, and pots, but no lifesteal :( I stack physical resist, which I believe works.

In low MPs, no problem unless I'm not paying attention and run right in the middle to sack. High MPs, frightening aspect, spirit walk, and nine out of ten times its no problem. I swear that reflect damage is different for different packs. It's not reflect, it's reflect+electrified+molten that can be a problem. It's not as bad as fast+fire chains+vortex, though.
MP10 vs two Reflect Elites same time
@SimplMasheen: I have also noticed that RD is different for different Packs. I've tested using Poison dart while keeping my dps constant. It's very obvious that my HP drops faster/slower on different packs.

Anyone else notice that? It's almost as if the RD affix have different %s.

Also, for those that have recommended frightening aspect, I just really don't like using fear ( I know it sounds weird coming from a WD that uses a EF ). Fear to me is counter productive in PVE when you have pets. Especailly since I"m using darts. Maybe this is for another thread, but again, I'd hate to respec for just this one affix.
Dude you ask for help but then say you don't want to respec. People have given you valid suggestions. If you don't want to fear mobs then just run like 5 feet away then use horrify. There isn't some magic secret when it comes to RD. You need to be able to outheal the damage you deal. If you don't, you struggle. Simple as that. I would suggest dropping PtV and using JF. That would probably solve your problem completely.
@MikeHoncho, What I'm really looking for is a discussion around how other WDs are dealing w/ RD. I realize there are solutions to the RD problem, by dropping DPS and increasing EHP. But I prefer not to do that just to deal w/ one affix.

My hope is to pick out bits and pieces from what others are doing to deal w/ RD to maybe incorporate it into my own build. (w/o changing too much on my current build).
I just use my secondary attack like AR to beat them than use bears. I was nuking myself with bears even when I had 50k life and over 4k armor and 850 res all (before buffs), so I gave up trying to gear for it at cost of killing speed, and just slow down a little by using only my secondary attack on them.
i just ended up swapping to a 800dps 3.00ls 400ish LoH weapon with a RS amethyst and spam spirit barrage//well of souls.

takes a while longer, but atleast i dont die.
Try swapping your pants with Blackthorne's (Inna's is fake IAS dps) and using RoT instead of darts. RoT is more versatile at higher mp levels. Great for LoH and it hits multiple targets when they are bunched together. All those Inna pants are doing for you is massively lowering your ehp and making you go OOM faster.
The only things I find difficult are fire chains and arcane beams. I don't die to reflect really... My skorn does all the work, with 5.4% life steal I think, and I have 900-1000 all resist. I would need more armor, but I have no problem at all against these packs. I have about 40k life.

MP3 to MP6
I spam acid cloud with 900 loh, i honestly never know when a pack relfects or not....

At Higher MPs I use Toads/Acid
Lots of ways to deal with it. It should also be getting changed soon, but in the mean time:

Spam Bears while using Jaunt, once that's over, pop FA and spam bears for the next 8 seconds. Rinse, repeat. That works for me in mp8 with 1K res, 3.5K Armor, and no other defensive passives.

Basically you need a combination of 2/3 of these:
1) High Res + Armor
2) Passives :Jungle Fort + Bad Med
3) Actives: Spirit Walk, Fightening Aspect, Life Link Dogs

These all work for me in MP8 to the point where I am not taking any damage back from RD (healing off of them is another thing :S )
If you don't want to respec then switch items or just your weapon during fights with rd affix elite
my zombie dog build with a LS weapon has 0 problems with reflect dmg, OP! dont nerf it
RoT + Z.bears + spirit walk you will not face problem with RD. My WD has +LOH 900 & LS 2.8 which sufficient to refill HP during fight with RD.
sprit walk + bear( lost some hp) then Acid rain (get them back) , sprit walk + bear then AC again again and again... I plan to replace my amlet to get more LOH to get faster heal after spam bear.

I think the problem is " control" either than " RD unbeatable" i keep spam bear to them even it hurt me hard! just stop before i almost died ( or SV activite ) and do something to regen my hp

Once i wont 1 shot myself i can recover back and spam bear again without death.
Yes, +1.

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