ice armor crystallize, the forgotten child?

does anyone use this skill/rune?

i gave this skill/rune a try last night and was in awe of it, being insanely defensive with +60% armor for 30 seconds (stack), and freezing/chilling melee enemies, throw in cold blooded, archon, buffs, boom ._.

although now i am torn between ice armor/crystallize, storm armor/scramble, and EA/PB.

any thoughts about this skill?

it's pointed out that SA/scramble is the best for archon due to MS and SA's dps especially with blc wp/trium/tal

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I used crystallize mp10 until I had enough armor to survive with shocking aspect. Many overlook it. I think it is severely under rated.

I am CM though... I think you'd be more focused on damage as arcon. I still think crystallize is best for survival though.
I use it sometimes takes me up to 9000 armor and 95% mitigation after some hits..but i use it blades build not archon... would be pretty huge me thinks after archon buffs.
I also use it as main Armor spell with Eric's build. It's very good, I don't use Nova so I want something that is defensive and still chill/freeze for CB. Ice Armor is the best choice. The Armor boost is excellent, but I think it's not as good as EA in the long run because it doesn't work on DoT effects like Desecrator. EA is more consistent imo.
wow it doesn't do DoT? didn't know that. too bad.
It works on Arcane Beam though iirc, because Arcane Beam is melee (lol logic).
I used it on PTR where it was insane 30% per stack. They nerfed it to 20% per stack.. Too much for me to use anymore..
Yeh i used to use it in 1.04 when it was 30% per stack I guess its still good at 20% per stack but if ur coupling cold blooded with ice armour i think the sleet storm rune is preferential because anything that gets in ur melee range is taking 20% more, not just the ones who hit you. also sleet storm has the same radius (i think) as FN and EB so makes you like a walking bomb surround in +20%
sleet storm rune? im confused ._.
Frozen Storm I guess.
hmmm so that means i have to keep casting to trigger FS rune. not bad, 30% plus 20% throw in DS and cm/ww
yeh frozen storm i meant, didnt it used to be called sleet storm? wtf...?
yeah i made a search about the 'sleet storm' and it was called that back then.

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