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I hate to say it but I'm leaning towards quiting Diablo and going back to WoW. I have 200 hours on my witch doctor and I am paragon level 24. I just feel like I am doing something wrong. Seems like every persons gear I see is in the 100's of millions. I've been farming ( act 3 mp 0) and seen some legends but none that were even worth 1 million. The most I've made off a single item on the AH was 250k (rare). Feels like I am gold farming not item farming.

Getting to the point, I was just curious if any veterans out there have some advice for me. I really like this game but it feels like I'm going nowhere and that is burning me out.

Any advice is much appreciated.
dont worry once next patch come everyone's 100m item become 0
Do you have a magic find set? My chars are all 100% from drops every gear on them, things drop just takes time, and 100% uber drops arn't nescarily needed to be good either.

72% mf on my gear right now. I know I could get more but I am trying to save my gold for upgrades that will give me more damage.
Hang in there. I am in the same boat (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7319951929#1).
Get a godly drop and profit or learn to flip(getting tougher recently) or buy gold or invest in all gold find gear.

72% mf on my gear right now. I know I could get more but I am trying to save my gold for upgrades that will give me more damage.

Just do what I did, start by getting yourself maxed out MF at 300 % *don't forget your follower can give you up to about 30% magic find on their own.

If your only doing act 3 mp0 you can kill there without too much dificulty.
If you are going to farm low level MP and you want decent drops, you have to get your magic find over 300 minimum, and over 400 if possible.
I notice you have no magic find gear on your followers. Even though their magic find is cut to 1/4 before it is added to yours it still helps. So deck out whatever follower you use in MF gear.

You should be finding items worth more than 250K. Use the AH more and learn how to price items. Look at things you want to buy, figure out why you want them, and you will learn what makes them valuable. Always pick up all rares, price them out, and sell the good ones. Sell the junk ones to the vendor.

Trading is a very big part of this game if you want to get better gear.

Any advice is much appreciated.

I've learned the whole point to staying (at least for me) and playing this game, is to set goals and keep yourself budy. You set short term goals and aim for them. For example, I dont make much gold right now, but I set goals for myself. I want to do this spec etc, I want to build this way or swap these items with different types of items, I want to reach Paragon 100, make a new character, level a HC character.

Before the new patch hit, I reached my goals on my WD before MP came out, 80k dps unbuffed with 1.2million EHP. I had no goals left so I basically quit playing. I came back a couple weeks later and sold my WD gear to gear up my DH for a change, played that then my next goal was to sell my DH gear to gear up my Monk, I did that, now I'm back to my WD. My goals right now are to pick up a higher soj and zuni helm so i can swap my neck for a Tal rashas, and of course level to Paragon100. I'll make the money to do what I want with my gear long before I hit P100.

It takes time, luck, and efficiency to stay in this game. Don't take this the wrong way, but you have to get smarter. Work the auction house for deals/upgrades, work the auction house for deals/resell, maximize effectiveness in farming/leveling. You only have ~7k elite kills on your WD, not to sound rude but that's nothing, and you shouldnt expect to be rolling in the hundreds of millions.

This game is a timesink, that is all what games are, if you're not having fun and can't find a way to have fun then quit.
yeah your best bet is to get 30% on your follower.

sunkeeper 45
amulet 45
shield 20
ring 20 x2 =150/5 = 30.

my wd has 425 at mp2 with 5nv and he does 80-90% at mp2 and can handle most things except the rare killer combo elite/champion and can get a legendary/set every 3-5 hours on average.
Just set goals for yourself and continue the grind. Like say you want to get to paragon 50, or complete a zunimassa set. Your character is way better than mine when i had 7k elite kills.

If you're looking for items, i suggest getting a sunkeeper, they are real cheap now, got mine for 400k only and it works well in mp0-1.

Oh profile not updated, my sunkeeper was 988dps, 45 magic find 270 int.
good advise from prawnzs.

if you find farming a grind, goals will keep you in the game.

My current goal? earn enough to get myself a crit chance all resist int vit lacuni =D
you came too far to quit -- I will give you some good gear to stay. let me check my WD stash, be patient. I will give you sunkeeper to start. PM me ASAP dethaxe#1328

EDIT: I got bracers, ammy and SK that will keep you in game if you promise to keep playing and not resell immediately :) yeah, they're worth a lot, but better for me for you to keep playing!

EDIT2: give back if they help you; help 1 person for something all I ask...
Hello Cosmo,

I was in the same exact situation as you are. Currently my WD is PL44, for me grinding levels gets boring and most of the time the drops are only mediocre.

I love playing diablo and I don't want to quit just yet. So I made the switch over to Hardcore (HC). It feels like a different game all together, you should give it a try.

I haven't played my WD since, but I am going to play him from time to time and come back to SC when PVP comes out.
So here is what I did:

Searched for people running MP7+ for free. Joined them and became friends - now i have a large play group to choose from. Let alone that we have been swaping gear back and forth to the point that i have some epic stuff.

Keep in mind when 4 people are spliting gear thigs go much faster.

I have high hopes for crafting getting a fix as well.

I looked at your toon and its not to bad all this concidered. Keep at it :)
FOUR legendaries dropped for me last night in Act III MP5 in about 30mins. Game seems fine to me . But something I've noticed and so have my buddies is that everytime I dont play for a few days and come back to farm , legendaries start dropping..... diminishing returns maybe ?
Yo I would like to run with ya Cosmo. Maybe I can get a better feel for how its going for ya in a run. Hit me up in game avitas#1211
I have 4x the amount of elite kills as you and throughout my entire time playing... I have only found 5 items that have sold for over 100mil.

Patience is key and you'll get that one drop that allows you to have some nice upgrades. From that point... farm a little higher MP levels and see some better drops or farm lower MP faster for most drops / hr as well.

I prefer to run MP7-8 just because it doesn't take long for me and it is more challenging then becoming bored killing things just by looking in their direction in lower MP levels. I still think it will be a lot different IF PvP comes out though.
12/04/2012 06:21 PMPosted by MADTHUNDER2
dont worry once next patch come everyone's 100m item become 0

What do you mean by this?
12/05/2012 08:00 AMPosted by IPawnU
dont worry once next patch come everyone's 100m item become 0

What do you mean by this?

I think he is referring to the fact that Blizzard likes to nerf and buff random skills and items where it impacts the value of the item. i.e. when PTR started, wizards were going nuts for meteor reduction sources ... then when blizzard decided to nerf the proc rate of meteor... those went down the crapper.

Also when Blizzard decided to drop only ilvl 58+ legendaries... ilvl 57 Homonculus with ZD reduction went from cheapo to very expensive.

Blizzard's patches impact the cost and value of items more than anything else.

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