OH weap question

Upgraded my main hand yesterday and switched from unforgiving to bloodthirst. Got more dps and about the same surviability.

But question being is my OH I had a bul kathos 1.4aps 1077 dps 51CD 11%ias 800 LoH, but moved to the mace that shows in my profile. I did loose like 3k dps but the mace was much better for surviving with the LS.

Question being the mace is slow for an OH, would I be better getting a high 700 to low 800dps dagger with LS, CD, and a socket and loose 7-10k dps or wait to be able to afford a higher DPS dagger so I dont loose DPS?
I think sword with crit damage is a good way to go for OH, but you also need a fast MH. Once you hit 130k dps, you can roll with 3%ls on belt and bloodthirst just fine. At the same time try keeping res above 600
OH has to at least have 1.4 APS IMO (so sword like TEDDYBEAR said, dagger, or axe with +AS). Paper DPS is just that, paper. Most of your DPS is coming from your tornadoes which cares about your OH APS not DPS. OHs are better as a stat stick IMO but I hate dropping lower than like 700 dps on the just because of WW damage (I know mine's only like 670, looking to upgrade but I'm broke).

Edit: One acceptable mace for OH is EF (but I figured that goes w/o saying).

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