Thanks to Mac Tech. Staff..

Mac Technical Support
I would like to say thank you to the staff working on the low performance issues alot of us players have..
As you can see in this forum, most of the threads were responded to by Mac Technical Support.. and the Low Performance Data Collection was a very very good idea by Blizzard or whoever was in charge of that thing, idk how they organize their activities and such about these things at all..
but it is now locked, which means that they probably got enough information about this..
HOPEFULLY, they are ACTUALLY working on enhancing the performance on their end for us, that is speaking that the problem really is on their end. We, as players, have no idea where the problem lies.. but sometimes it is from us, whether it's the low internet speed (download speed mostly), or the ISP (Internet Service Provider) themselves..
now, i'm saying hopefully because we really have no idea what goes on behind this forum on their end, maybe their trolling us, or actually working their butts off to help us with our in-game experiences.. i really hope that they're working hard to fix this, cuz that would really put me in a better psychological state of mind.. lol

Maybe, and hopefully, on some near future patch, they will have fixed this lag issue and such somehow..

Thanks again to the staff for replying and responding perfectly well on my recent threads about these lag issues, from what they told me, it IS possible that the problem really IS with my ISP..
and maybe it is with you.. either way, they should be getting to the bottom of this..

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