A tip to developers

Jay wilson sais:"On a daily basis we ask ourselves if the classes are satisfying to play"
Why cant you play a pure frost wizard? Because you wont be up to par with the rest
Why cant you play a pure lighning wizard? Because you wont be up to par with the rest
Why cant you play a witchdoctor? Because he throws frogs and bats and jars of spiders (yeah!)
Why cant you play a monk? Because the barbarian is the best!

Make the pure builds viable! ! ! I dont want to use arcane spells in my frost build, or poison hydra in lightning build. Make the individual skills scale on another way then based on youre weapon.
Remove/rework sinature spells.
Make equipped items bound to the character..( the fact that its not bound destroys diablo right there)
Make loot drop for all teamplayers so we can admire the drops at the same time when we see them. Playing with someone and teling them " hey, u know what just dropped? - No, what dropped now? - I`ll tell ya.. why not jsut let the items drop for everyone to see.
Make more set items/UNIQUES/...for all levels..
Rework the AH and make gold MUCH more meaningful.
Add 2 new classes fast. before ppl have nothing more to do and balance them and give them options for pure builds with skills worthy of the diablo universe. Not another Clown casting op toilets doing cold-dmg and retun life to the caster and grants him underpowered aura of firegoats that does lightningdmg..sorry to go on like that..D3 really missing some essentials..
SKILL TREES.. give us back real skill trees and let us put the damn STAT POINTS manually. is it to much to ask. we all want it, you just dont want to give us that. If anyone disagree write below

oh, and remove the widow mine..
I don't know man im using jagged ice with great success ATM. actually more i get defense more things open up. Wiz is very satisfying to me and i sometimes feel we just havnt unlocked builds they already had planned out.

CM sat on shelf for like a month b4 discovered. Then tweeks came like SNS. When everyone thought Shards and Shock armor was useless. Then we thought Meteors were dead until we learned how to use them again. I bet some other cool builds will come as well.

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