DC survival story MP4 V Elite

ok so i was getting impatient with keys.. i posted a story up a few days ago how i lost my HF ring on a lv20 alt in act2 and the KW reflecting the fireball..

just having no luck with mp3 with mates and mp2 solo on my monk, well any ways decided to smash an mp4 solo run, iv done it with a mate but never alone i was certain a d/c even in white trash would kill me.

i can do the content but its slow maybe skip some nasty mobs, 10 minutes in 2 stacks down in the oasis and mid fight vs waller, chain, electrified, fast snakes BAM computer crash. I hadent even killed 1 and ontop of that i kited some white mobs into the frey aswell i was so sure i was FKD i was already thinking about how boring the monk class was and how i really wanted a wizard anyway.

log in.. ALIVE!?!?! no idea how, id even nerfed my 4k buffed regen per sec the other day with some LOH. Thank god i went with a shield aswell. No idea. anyway it happens. vry happy!
im sitting in the menu screen stiil, waiting for it to change and say he is dead all of sudden
That's honestly a decent pack to DC to. It sounds like they could have walled you off from themselves, fire chains, electrified, and the other mobs all at once - no damage on the ground. Pair that with close to 10 sec drop out timer and you could have lived with a high amount of health left over. Very lucky.
on mp4 their attacks alone where hitting me for about 15% life each i only have about 40k lol, but your probably right about the walling i thought the fast chains would just run rings around my d/c'd !@#. i think more likely i died nde proced and i lost agro to my earth ally for maybe a second or two that saved me.

i wish i had it on tape!
whew*** close call elmo! Ill run for keys with you to make sure this doesnt happena gain XD

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