Gonna give away a DH set

Demon Hunter
Congrats to SimoTheSlut who got to level 60 with his hunter this weekend. He was the lucky one to get the gift of a full set of gear. Also threw in 2 mil in gold to help him on his way to happy farming. Thank you to everyone who responded to this thread and better luck next give away. I am planning to do a Witch Doctor or Wizard next so keep an eye on the forums. Happy hunting fellow hunters!
i could use the boost
Hey Matty I just leveled my DH to 60 and currently have a grand total <1m gold. I would love to give DH a serious try and your set would help me a lot. Thanks for your consideration :)
My DH is pretty weak, i might have 2-3 million gold
doubt you will pick me but figured id give it a shot.... i have a WD thats descently geared and was wanting to give my DH another go at it... spent a lot of gold on the items my DH has right now but didnt have a chance to buy all the items i needed since i went broke... figured its best to spend a lil xtra on good items instead of having to constantly upgrade them so thats why he is half naked =P
I could use the upgrade. I have less than 1m gold cos I'm trying my best to upgrade my gear. Well, I guess I wish everyone all the best here!
Hey, what a great idea. Hope to be able to do this sort of thing in the future.

So my DH is in need of some help, i could use the gear. I've currently only got 44,000 gold cause I spent it all on lvling up my gems... also want to start a female DH later... just love the DHs :)
Another person who could use some help. Whoever is the lucky one congratulations.
I will throw my hat in the ring as well. New to Diablo and DH Just got to 60+4.
No matter who wins, I think it would be great information if you would post what the set consists of so that we may keep our eyes open and learn how different pieces influence the set. "Tighnan" on Diablo
The legacy of your gear will be preserved with my new DH
This gear look pretty sick.
I play too little to get gold but I'll take my chances here...
I have ~70k gold, not new but love the DH class :P
i am trying to pump my DH to 100k damage...if you can lend a helping hand i will truly appreciate it :D
Hi there! I dont really need the gear myelf but my brother has a 60 DH with not so great gear. He doesnt have much time to play at all so I farm gold and gear for him mostly but it gets tough trying to get upgrades for myself and him. Id really like to play with him on higher mp levels and such. So I thought Id post for him if you could consider us thatd be great. Thanks. :)
just got diablo this past friday have yet to make my first millon and my vitality is far to low ould really use the bost to get through even mp1 on inferno with out getting one hit every ten seconds
I'm not weak but i'm not strong too. Some gear from your set could give me some upgrade which I hadn't got any luck for upgrade for so long.
Good luck to the winner :)

@cytrics, did you read the part about 120k DPS lying around?
IMHO none of his item can be any upgrade to yours
Coming back to D3, currently I have bad gear so I could use the boost :)
Wow so many posts since I saw this at work this morning.

I am decently geared, but not well enough. And would like any help I could get.I don't know what is on my profile, but I usually use a bad Nats Helm with a Star Ruby, but my only Star (lol) is on my Cain's to get my Wizard to 60 and out of the way.

I would love to gear up some more. But I don't have much time to play with work. But 120k would put me close to my friends who do play (bought gear). Others might get more use out of the gear through playing, but I'd still like to be considered.
I'm a semi-decently geared DH compared to most people on here. I know i'm not the most needy, but I sure could use some of the gear you have to offer.

Congratulations to whoever wins! They surely will be a very happy chap. :)

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