Gonna give away a DH set

Demon Hunter
Me please. Just came back from a long break and everything skyrocketed. I can't afford anything decent. Was able to snipe some low level legendary with what left over gold I had. Now I am broke and I can't farm with my crappy dps. Really need the gear. This will be my big break.
ops.. I miss out that part = ="
Hey there! Just got to level 60 after taking a long break since the summer. I managed to get some good deals on some equips but looking to gear up so I can start playing with my other friends in MP4+. Any help would be appreciated :)

Good luck everyone!

Edit: Hey Matty! I'd like to withdraw from the giveaway seeing as how your gear would be much more beneficial for some of the other people who've posted. Still appreciate how you're helping the community. Good luck all!
Could def use any help I can get upgrading my DH. Don't have much time to play so i never am able to farm much gold.

Anything helps, Thanks!
Hey, I thought that I'd try for it as well. I could REALLY use a gear upgraed
I appreciate that I am not the worst-geared that has posted but I feel that I would benefit more from at least some of the items than others that have posted. Not pointing any fingers. ;)
Good luck and congrats in advance to whomever gets something.
Hi Matty,
your gear is really good!!

I'm a casual player and I don't sell anything on the AH. I keep all the good gear I found for the futur(for other class). I buy gear on the GAH only with gold I find, so I don't have a lot of gold. I'm trying to reach 100K DPS, but right now, every upgrade cost me a lot of gold (1000000 or even more....). :(

Your gear would help me a lot!!!

sorry for my english....

Thanks for that cool thread!
Girl gamer :P
Please ?
(Don't know what to say so)
Im your man right here Matty! Really need better gear but can never find anything good to sell to get more gold to buy better gear. I only have around 250K total at the moment, being able to farm MP2 would up my chances on finding some good stuff to sell.
Could do with a DH set. I got no gold at the moment and I haven't been playing for a long time due to a lack of a proper set
Girl gamer :P
Please ?
(Don't know what to say so)

You won.
I think a lot of these people are looking at your main DH and not the 120k dps one, either way they both have some nice gear. I am lacking severely in the crit dmg, and I barely have 90 hours clocked since the release. I get maybe 1-2 keyruns in a week, and if I have good drops, I will do a machine or two every other week. Anyhow. Good luck to everybody.
I would love this, I am a level 55 demon hunter right now and I can't afford anything since I only have 500k gold...
Don't count me in, just want to say good work OP giving to the community.

I also give away stuff away I deem useful after runs, giving back to the community that helped me 3 - 4 months ago.
Winner chosen. See edited OP.

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