Need Advice Please

Would someone please looka t my wizard gear and reccemend gear upgrades for rings/gloves and ammy and shoulders. I am doing a Archon build. I think I need more LoH or Life Leech but not sure how to get that... While adding to my DPS and some more Hit Points would be nice to!

thanks to anyone who responds to this!
Very nice Archon setup. You don't have much to change.

- change those rings for ones with higher CC and similar CD and either Int or IAS. Don't look for LoH since it doesn't work very well with Archon. You can also look for average damage instead of Int/IAS.
-Change your helm for one with CC.
- You can gain a bit more DPS on your Amulet by getting better CC/CD/Int. Shouldn't cost too much as long as you don't put in IAS as well. Mine was relatively cheap.
- You need to get another source of movement speed. Lacuni would be the easier way. You might lose some RA and the CC (lacuni CC are expensive) but it will make your runs faster and you gain IAS. You might find 3cc lacunis for cheap sometimes so keep an eye up for them.

The only place to get LS is from your weapon and magic weapon rune (Blood magic). with the 5.1% you have from Skorn, you should be good without needing more. if you feel like you do, just switch to BM.

I would change Energy armor for Storm armor. Either Thunderstorm or Scramble for the rune. Your RA and AR are good so the added DPS/speed will be better for you.

Your shoulders are good. You might be able to get better Int value but they are not your priority. Also, you don't really need more HP. 35k is plenty already.
Thanks for advice since I posted this I bought a differant mh/oh open

Also what is IAS?

Sorry still kind of new!

Thanks for advice!
"Increased attack speed".

For archon to be good, you need to boost your DPS any way you can. CC/CD/IAS are the 3 way to do that fast. Int comes after.

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