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Please help me improve my gears. I spent around 9mil on this set and 5 mil on another set of weapon and source for archon. In the profile the set im wearing is what i use for cm and archon. I only change my weapon and source when i go archon farming. What can i change to be able to do ubers 10 with cm and archon farming at mp 4 or 5? For ubers 10, i just want to perma freeze, dps is not an issue since i got high dps friends.

I have 2.26ps and with stretch time 2.44 aps.
To be able to do Archon at MP4-5.. you'd need about 200k more DPS. basically changing ALL your gear.

I can't comment on MP 10 Uber cause I never did Uber and never tried MP10 at all.
hmm okay thanks Azliet, i guess ill give up on archon for now since its not within my budget.

Ill focus on CM, anyone can help me with CM? I just want pure cc, perma freeze mp10.

Whats the hp, RA,armor i need? How much APS and LoH i need? If u can tell me which piece of gear to switch out for me, it would be greatly appreciated.
For CM you can check this thread out:

You'll want to be between Mid and End-game for MP10 Ubers. I've read that even with 2.73 attack speed the Ubers are stutter-locked. While other's say it's good. I think the dependence is somewhere else.

As far as archon... i recommend getting two completely different sets of gear. Things like a 2h skorn with LS will never work on CM/WW, but is good for archon. Archon is less dependent on IAS, so you can cut that out a bit in favor of higher dps/AR.

There is an MP level gear check in this thread:

Edit: You can look at my gear as a reference if you want. I'm at 2.55ish attack speed right now and can do pretty well on MP5/6 Ubers. I haven't tried anything higher. I've probably spent nearly 10/15mil on gear so far.

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