Crazy insane lag. Anyone?

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I usually have a great connecton to D3 servers. I usually lag for a few seconds when I first enter an area ... but, then it subsides. I also deal your normal Rubber-Banding.

But, today ... i can't find a game that isn't insane lag. I have turned the modem on and off and rejoined over and over. But, still the same thing here.

Anyone else experiencing this?
I have been experiencing INSANE lag for the past few days. Normally it is fine, but it is getting out of control. I also get the initial lag, but now it isn't going away. I know a lot of my friends are experiencing the same problem. I have tried hard wiring my connection, but it's not helping at all. Rubberbanding has always been a problem, but it's a lot worse now.

I have lost my stacks numerous times now (even though they claimed to fix that problem in a previous patch). I wish Blizzard would address this issue, but it seems that they don't give a rats @$! about it.

I can deal with low drop rates, and the lack of PvP (still), but this latency is getting on my last nerve. I've gotten pretty close to rage quitting because of it. PLEASE BLIZZARD, FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP!!!!!!!!

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