Maintenance or something else?

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Anyways, I can't seem to open Diablo 3. What happens is that when I open the launcher, it takes quite a long time for it to do something, and that something unfortunately is an error message, saying that it failed to start streaming download, and I needed to check my internet connection (my connection is fine though). Is it still in maintenance? I saw that my friend was online in it while I was in SCII, so it made me wonder.

I did it this morning, and I also went to Starcraft II and discovered that it was down too, though I didnt get an error message at the launcher. In its menu it said bnet was offline and I was thus able to only play offline. When it came back a few hours later, I assumed it was maintenance on bnet since the planned infestor nerf was already in place. But even until now I cant log on into D3, and yeah, I saw that my friend was in D3 already.

May someone please assist? Thanks in advance. ^^;

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