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Strange experience last night.

For the past week, I have been farming for at least 2 hours a day on my barb at MP5. That is about 400+ mf (without much mf gear). The thing is, during this period, I have not gotten a single legendary.

So I decide to try wearing full MF in MP0 (about 366 mf) and I got 6 legendaries in one run. This is quite puzzling, even though I played more on a higher MP with more mf, I have gotten a lot less items compared to MP0.

I understand this could totally be a case of RNG, but it got me thinking; could MP mf bonus be bugged? It seems this way to me IF the situation I described above happened to anyone else out there. Again, I am not wearing any tin foil now and I'm not saying drops are controlled or ninja nerfed. I am stating the possibility that MP mf might be bugged and is there anyone else in the same situation?

I know this might not be enough data. I will be trying out this mode of farming for more results.

TL;DR - MP mf, could it be bugged?
Try several runs after the 6 legs drop in one run.
I want to see the outcome.

I never 'farm' in higher MP, the usual one is act3 mp0.
My play time is similar to yours around 1 hour and half every day.
I have been on bad luck streak since 1.0.6 that I decided to try max MF run last week.
Now I have 300MF (excluding mp & nv bonus).
Legs are dropping constantly though at least one per day.

I have been doing MF run since last Friday 11 - 30 - 2012.
And have found 8 legs, none of them are sellable though @.@

So I think MF is working as intended?
And on top of that, I actually found sellable rares which I didn't when not running mf gear.
Will definitely try again to see the results.

So far, what I am experiencing shows me the following:

1) Mf from gears works
2) Mf from paragon works
3) Mf from MP level bonus does not work

As such, it would be crucial to ensure that on both counts, total Mf with NV must be the same.
Hmm if thats the case, I might drop mf gear and try higher MP at least that it could get me to >375% mf to see how it goes
MF works but magic find effect on finding legendaries is so low it makes no difference. Let say if legendary drops at 0.01%. With 300% magic find, it would make no difference at all.
i'm doing mp6 with around 400 mf and 400 gf . I get at least 5 legs per session but, most are brimstone . I've tried everything from mp0 up to mp7 and think mp6 is the sweet spot for legs . The biggest difference I have noticed in MP is weapons (rares) of higher grades drop less and other gear has more affixes the higher the mp . For weapon drops , mp3 seems to be the sweet spot . My favorite run is Act 2 from unexpected allies onward until i get tired of playing . I think having a positive mindset and attitude also helps in drop rate success . I have noticed that when people try to use math as the sole verdict in drop rates the one thing they never account for is time played . Play too much in one session and you fall below the curve . Not enough time played and you never reach the curve . I try not to play when i cannot devote a decent amount (2 hrs) of time to the cause . I've sold countless items on the AH and have never (nor will i ever) been a part of any RMAH transaction . I've been playing since the game came out in May and use a barb as my primary source of monster killing .
just my 2 cents worth ....
MF has a very small impact. Some pro players gave the advice to play short but many games. Because the games itself get randomized and not because of you MF. You have a higher chance to bump into a well randomized game if you play many games then playing long games with high MF
Some advices :
- look for ilvl63 rare drops before the first 5NV. If you did not get at least 2. Roll a new game
- look for quiver / ring / amu rare drops. If you hardly see any, roll a new game
- look for rare spawns / design patterns / more then usual goblin spawns count. If nothing special then roll a new game
If you are doing Alk runs you can already guess the game quality until you finish core of the areat map. Don't force your luck, be smart and only play the best. If game rolled well, play a long run instead the general Alk run. If not sure if game rolled well then do a 15 min Alk run, you should find at least 1 leg on mp0-mp1.
12/05/2012 11:43 PMPosted by Ryce
MF works but magic find effect on finding legendaries is so low it makes no difference. Let say if legendary drops at 0.01%. With 300% magic find, it would make no difference at all.

This is bull!@#$, at 300 % MF it would be 0.03% rather than 0.01 %. This may sound like a low number to you but I don't see how you could think it doesn't make a difference. You are three times more likely to hit that legendary drop, and that's a huge difference, regardless of the initial value. The logic you're trying to use would only apply if the legendary drop rate is so incredibly low that you'll never see one anyway, and this is not the case because I average 1 or 2 legendaries per hour. I assume this is the same for most people (that farm effectively)
12/06/2012 05:47 AMPosted by Sylak
i'm doing mp6 with around 400 mf and 400 gf

With your 58904.5 DPS barb that only has 3 MF items and takes 12% more fire damage with your AV helm? Plus a Templar?

I would love to see that! :)

Stick and move
Boogie fever!

i play most nights after midnight central standard time . My mf is actually 411 with 5 stack of valor and my para 31 . I always join Trade chat and General chat . Your move pal !

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