Suggestions for my next upgrade? (Wizard)

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Soooo I feel like I've hit a bit of a wall with my wizard's gear. I've just hit lvl 60 paragon and I'm not sure where I should for my next upgrade.

I'm not really interested in 2-3k dmg increases. I'm looking to spend 50m or so on something that'll give me 10k or more :)

My current gear gives me 204k dmg with Blood Magic weapon and Sparkflint.

The gear my armory is showing contains some farming gear (hence the leoric's) so here's the correct things for those slots

Ring - Litany of the undaunted with 220 int, 66 AR, 185 regen, 4.5% CC
Bracers - 176 int, 64 AR, 17% MF, 4.5% CC
Amulet - 92 int, 78 AR, 51% CD. 10% CC

Armory link -

Let me know if you guys have any ideas. :)

PS: Don't say to replace my hellfire ring lol because I never take that thing off :P

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