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Alright, I'm getting tired of getting nowhere fast. I'm really trying to save up my money to get a Natalya's Mark. The cheapest I can see them going for is 30-40 mil and I can't seem to get there. I've got almost 12 mil saved up at the moment. Please check out my demon hunter and tell me if you can see how I could easily improve my farming speed to get the cash I need. Of course handouts are welcome, anyone feel like giving away a Mark? But really, I'm not looking for anything more than advice unless you're feeling generous. And yes, I know I sound like a begging idiot and I should stop being lazy and all of that, so if that's all you have to say, don't waste your time, I get it.
Try getting Nats boots and chest first if you just want the crit boost.
Thanks for the reply, but I'm after the disc regen. I have all of the other four pieces but the weapon deals so little damage it isn't worth it.
Ill give you nats boots and embrace, not the best rolled, but didnt have the heart to break them. They are not terrible either, just alot of people want the best of the best so after putting them up twice for pretty cheap and both items not selling i put them on my mule. Seems if you can put them to use, they are yours.

I am at work right now, wont be home for another 1 1/2 hours. But send me a friend invite and put poor dh from forums as message and ill gladly jump on my mule when i get home and give them to you.


Ahhh didnt see you had all the pieces but nats reflect. Cant help you with that one. Good luck gah is the only way to go.
Thanks, request sent. Worth a shot to see if they'll do me some good. I appreciate the offer at least.
theres alot of upgrades u could get for under 2 million that would increase your dps and your ehp- making your farming alot faster, unfortunately with the way the makret is, 60 gear is either hit or miss,

Try farming nightmare and selling gear for about 60-80k a peice, or picking up some goldfind+pickup radius gear and farm gold.could porbably farm a1 mp 0 inferno decently with ur gear

Dont rely on SS its truly the worst buff

id go with vengence+archery+nightsalker, less issues with both hatred and disc regen.=farminf faster.
Thanks Azurewrath, I'll give that combo a shot and see. I like SS because I can get a half-decent pack rounded up and drop a dozen ball lightning in to really see the crits fly.!Xeb!aaZbYZ

try that build out, might make your life a little easier

if need be u can swap out caltrops for bat
Thank you again Azurewrath. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but that build isn't half-bad. I rarely run out of hatred and can hold my own decently enough. I have to admit I miss tactical advantage though.
yah, u may wana swap the prep roune to battle scars, that way with night stalker, u can spend alot of time in gloom, and just face tank most things

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