Fix the Trade section please

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I've suggested this here many times already... im gonna try it one last time.

Please fix the Trade section, cos its worse than the trade section in some small mmprog forum from early 2000.

It would be probably best to have the Trade section under each class, since STR gear is only useful for barbs, etc.
Diablo III > Forums > Gameplay > General Discussion > Demon Hunter > Trade

Or add sub section under current trade section.
Diablo III > Forums > Gameplay > Trading > Barabaian Items
(Wizard/Witch Doctor Items, Demon Hunter/Monk Items, Other Items, Want To Buy, Price Check, Services, etc)

Also there should be ~4-24?hr no bump rule in trade section, so people cant bump their own thread every two minutes, etc.

p.s. if u like this idea, check on my other suggestion thanks

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