Australians Playing Hardcore

Hey there was just wondering How many Australians are venturing into hardcore? Lonely Aussie Barb LF good time (farming, ubers, ect...) :)
< Melbourne
Playing from Aus too but not an Aussie :D

One of the many kiwis imported here to take advantage of your dollar lol, gota love the visa free access too
me me me!!! playing wizard!
Perth :)
adelaide, can add me zodd#1997
Aussie player here as well, have a paragon 15 WD, Bolto#1720 if you are interested.
Austria! Nearly the same..
Perth add me!
I'm from Sydney
Qlder living in cockaroach land sydney lol
Has to be quite a few of you guys, all my AH stuff seems to sell while it's nighttime here in the U.S. :)

Love the Aussies and Kiwis.
12/05/2012 03:29 AMPosted by Wabbit
One of the many kiwis

I would have never guessed.
Singapore here, graduated in Perth though. Timezone-wise still close to Australia :)
Adelaide here too
<-- perth
Have you guys had any lag/DC issues? I lost my level 55 wizard to a massive lag spike :(

<- Canberra

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