Where did you get your trifecta Tal Amy?

Just curious about it, I'm more of a magic finder player than a powerleveler, which mean that I'm always looking for great hunting spots for nice items. My typical run will always include Rchest even if it's on the bottom of long cavern etc.

I know our brain is trained to see patern, I don't care if it's true or not, but I know for sure certains spot that can drop specific items. Let's say warrior's rest in act1 Festerwood, Found two set armor from the first chest. IK and Blackthorne.

Soo yup, have you everfound a trifecta Tal Amy, where was it?
kinda funny but true when i found 2 inna pants in same dungeon on same day. only set ammy ive found is a duncraig cross in a3 keep3.

GL in the hunt!

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