Best class for solo with the best gear?

Which is the best class to solo on HC assuming they got the ideal gear?
People say barbs in SC, but in HC we cant afford to die, so for HC which class?
Yes i have, and WD is my main right now
I like WD, and think is a very strong solo class, but been asking friends and ppl and most say barb is the best class, but i dont know why, WD seems much better imo.
Even monk seems better than barb, maybe i havent played the right barb spec dunno
It's up to you what you want. I'd imagine all classes are good to use, but I prefer barb over anything as it's the most pusscentric class there is. Not interested in dying =D
WD is the best. Kills better than a tank and is more survivable than a WW barb, kinda like the best of both worlds.

I love my barb, but the only thing that a barb is best at is a tank has some built-in DC protection.

The #2 US HC wd is selling off his gear on jsp right now, you should go convert your money and bid on some of his stuff.
WD is best for solo even with mediocre gear. I finished Inferno @21k dps, 4k armor, 400AR at around plvl6.
barb if you want to solo farm mp6 and beyond
Once the power goes out the best class is your templar /.
Either WD or barb. Both have high survivability.

WD is probably easier than barb, esp. with SV. However barb potentially farms faster if you go the WW route (but WW might be dangerous in HC if you get rubberbanding, etc.)
Ranged barb with regen :P
best gear? every class
You will die as Barb if you rubberband.
i play a monk solo all the time.. but ultimately it comes down to what is the class that you are most comfortable with and how well do you gear for survival
Well I knew WD cold from I like WD best. It's my only living HC guy!

I tried monk and barb...with death as my end.

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