Selling Godly Trifecta Natalya's Reflection

Items and Crafting
Natalya's Reflection

89 Dexterity
95 Intelligence
75 Vitality
Attack Speed Increased by 8%
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 45%
Regenerates 187 Life per Second
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 5.5%
My Battletag is Nydox#1428 Feel free to message me in game.
easily worth 1 billion gold even upwards of 1.5
crazy ring. this is a stupid game tho
would you like to trade? i have an item worth bout same price?
is this open for trade?
No this item is not up for trade, I just want gold, taking bids thanks. Nydox#1428 feel free to add me in game. <3

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