What Diablo 3 Needs

Lore and Story
What Diablo 3 Needs!

Diablo 3 was good, but rushed, not production wise but, story wise, i mean a demonic invasion of global proportions doesn't leave alot of room for anything else.

Diablo 3 needs:
More explorations, more areas off of the beaten trail, new bosses, dungeons (or dungeon types)
a new companion or two
Companion quests and zones:
Go to Kings Port to help the scoundrel free his brother and clear his name
Go with the Enchantress to find the rest of her sisterhood
Help the Templar get vengeance against the Order
Could have:
Player Character story quests and regions:
Demon hunter goes back to the area where their family was murdered
Wizard goes back to the School for The arcane
Monk goes back to their homeland
Barbarian goes back to the area where their people have regrouped
Witch doctor could go back to their jungle (maybe over throw a tyrant)
Have an impending story objective but not impending enough to rush said player.
AND on a personal Note:
Also bring Leah back, she is the daughter of Diablo himself (half Demon) Perhaps she's stuck inside the black soul stone after the other demon lords escaped. Angels could help pull her out, maybe Leah has, gets a look improvement (alittle more bad !@#... Or tough looking at least) and maybe she's not as innocent anymore. (Make her an angrier character) but in the end let her cool off and build that Inn she always wanted :P
Everything here and and an endless dungeon :D
In my opinion what diablo 3 need is to tell more about the end of the previous heroes, i loved the way that previous heroes were show in Diablo 2, The warrior turned in the Dark wanderer, Rogue becomes corrupted by Andariel and becomes the Blood Ravenand the Sorceror lost his mind and inpersonate Horazon.

The connection between Diablo 1 & 2 is much greater than between 2 & 3. In my opinion this is one of the main reasons why most old fans are not satisfied with Diablo 3.

And this is not too hard for blizzard give us in a expansion. Details, Details.

I can bet that many of the people that didnt played Diablo before Diablo 2 didnt even realize that Blood Raven, The Summoner and the Dark Wanderer were the playable characters from Diablo. But everyone who played Diablo then Diablo 2 (like me ;-) ) loved that.
old fans are satisfied with d3. Storyline kills d1&2 imo
12/15/2012 10:59 PMPosted by sonoranranch
Everything here and and an endless dungeon :D

An endless challenging dungeon similar to what they wanted inferno to be.
ur so !@#$ true general
and needs ranged strenght class and intellect melee and much +++++

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