Monk "frozen" in battle

Bug Report
This has happened to me a few times now in various acts and MP levels.. Most recent was act III MP 2 fields of misery.

Essentially my monk gets surrounded by a mob of monsters and on a couple occasions has died, and the most recent occurrence he did not seem to.. but its like he is perma-stunned. I cannot do anything to include respawn. This last time I had 0 health and my player was 'invisible' yet all the monsters were still attacking and where my player had been standing 'dodge' and 'block' kept popping up like I was still in the fight but I clearly was not (see 0 health) and I could not attack.

This is the best way I can describe it.. but I am open if game developers or whatever want to contact me.

I have not had this issue with any other character and so seems to be isolated with the monk. Prior to the latest patch I had not experienced this issue, and now I'd say it happens once every other day or so.
I think I experienced a similar issue (see my own thread about it).

I think the new patch implemented some new bugs...
If you want a thread combining every other threads about this issue please follow the link and post :
I think its suppose to do this maybe a monster power that is freezing you.Remember the game is based in Hell Nothing will be easy at times.

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