Gear improvements for extremely poor DH?

Demon Hunter
Hi, I've been looking to improve my gear but unfortunately, am extremely tight on cash. In what range would upgrades cost and which ones should I upgrade?
Gem on your manti asap
Yeah I was goingt o take off some gems from my monk and transfer them to my demon hunter. I was looking more into like actual equipment not the gems.
Andarial helm might help you out, and its cheap. Hell I have one I could give you if you want it. I think new gloves, shoulders, pants, and ammy should be your next upgrades. I would try to work in some move speed as well. Maybe a cheap pair of inna's pants?
Im no pro but i would suggest if you don't mind sacrificing some vit and all res to get a better dps.

1.Try getting a mempo replace nats helm and go for nats ref, nats foot prints to get the 3 set bonus. It will greatly improve your dps and price wise it shouldn't cost you that much honestly, just work with watever nats you can find that has at least a good amount of dex (if you have the cash a little of vit) and down the road upgrade them one by one.

2.Replace your shoulders with dex Vile should cost 2-4m look for the highest cheapest dex vile you can afford and upgrade again once you have the money.

3. Going innas belt and temp is also good.

You may lose thousands of hp and res but pretty sure you don't die too much. I think you will be alright depending on your play style really for survivability.
movement speed boots
how much gold do you have? is 1-2m cheap enough?

move the gem from the amulet to your manti
-inna's favor is under 1m, get that
-gloves with cc and cd should be cheap, around 1m
-cheap nats boots, around 2m? or less
-cheap vile ward, under 1m with 175dex+

hope that helps a little

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