Red Full Screen Glow

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Is there a way to turn off that full screen red glow when you are near death? Or perhaps tone it down so it doesn't make my view completely useless?

There's no way that I know of to eliminate it. It's part of the game and it's there to alert you to the fact you're almost dead. If you'd like to ask the developers to consider making a change to how it works, you'd want to post over in the General Discussion forum.
Thanks for the answer Omrakos... i do appreciate you taking the time to answer, but honestly, using the general forum to make suggestions simply doesn't seem worthwhile. The devs only pay attention if the whole of the internet points out something... one person complaining about one little thing in a sea of complaints just seems to be a waste of my time and that of the developers who have clearly bigger fish to fry. Maybe this issue is just me, since I'm the only who has ever mentioned it.

It is just that this particular "feature" seems a bit heavy handed... at least on my screen, just about the ENTIRE screen turns a hazy red that pretty much ensures you die because you cannot see anything.

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