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Question regarding Looting efficiency and "Luck".

Since it is difficult to sell many rares and even legendary items, in most cases they will become vendor trash or scrap. I've been told that it is pointless to pick up certain items and/or to only pick up certain items when doing anything from casual play to EXP or MF runs (grinding).

So in relation to efficiency and how fast I can loot/ turn a profit but not excluding the chance to actually benefit from picking up an item that in most cases should be avoided to min/max opportunity for THE item that will pay off those long hours of grinding I ask you guys this:

When playing D3,
a) should I only pick up certain rares?
b) which rare items should be looted?
c) of those items, is there a certain prefix/affix? i.e. Archon or Doom etc.
d) any exceptions?
e) what rules do you follow when looting rares? im interested in everyone's tactics

Ive only been playing for a few weeks since a 4 or 5 month break and I still pick up EVERYTHING. But from what Ive heard so far the general rule for rares is:

Amulets,Rings,Gloves,1 hand weapons. I'm sure this is somewhat correct but still too broad.

Also, are there any exceptions where an item might sell with the absence of an ideal stat? I find many items that have high stats and appear to be useful but are missing a stat, and Id like to stop being a hoarder of crap items.

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