after playing with fire res (OwE) i was wondering is it better to gradually build up all res and get rid of OwE for something else or is it better to stick out with it, just iv got to the point where for what i can afford i cant pick up any more dps/dex without dropping fire res
i got away from it... gotta love the flexibility with passives and with gear now.

its expensive though.
If you are able to afford it its always good to free up a passive.

Many also feel uneasy about how OWE will play out in the future with Blizz mentioning that they have been thinking about altering the passive somehow but to what extent is all speculation at this point.
Like they said, getting rid of a passive is nothing but a good thing! I think honestly theres enough slots to get enough AR and armor that its possible to not only get rid of OWE but also STI. Of course, its much easier said than done lol.

Passives which are worth giving OWE or STI up for if you can, I'd say, are:

  • Combination Strike (if you aren't already using it as your 3rd passive)
  • Beacon of Ytar
  • Fleet Footed
  • Guiding Light (if grouping)
  • Pacifism (to still have some backup)
  • I was surprised how well my monk tanked without it. Kinda felt stupid having it on all along...
    thanks for the advice :) (sorry about late reply im actually from england i just play US server) so how much AR in theory is the least to effective farm with ?

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