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Since Crafting is a worthless part of the game right now, I say in the next patch or so, FIX IT

For starters make Crafting like Hell-Fire Rings, have an option to choose what PRIMARY STAT on what you want to create.

Get rid of all LOW LEVEL crafting...seriously who even does that now? Even a newbie can just get a 10k weapon from the AH to level with.

Get rid of Exalted & Fine one crafts anything but Grand.

But in reality what I really want is LET US ADD A SOCKET!
This will help those weapons and armor with great a stats not be salvaged
Charge 1m hell charge 10m per socket!!! I think this will help the farming aspect of the game.
May be add a legendary item you have to find to do it...what ever it is this will make lots of players happy!

This is just my 2 cents.
if crafting was bind to you sure like the rings or esle, people would craft 3,000 items and yup 50 would be okay AH and thats 1 person, so imagine 100,000 people crafting flooding the AH

so make crafting items bound, just my thoughts

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