What MP level do you think I can handle?

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Gave WoL a good run last night, and it's pretty good. I prefer the lack of aiming with Explosive Light, but the cost s too high. Empowered Wave is alright, but I dislike having to shoot it behind myself, or in two directions, during combat. Fights with either were tight, but fun, especially when I came up against monsters with one-shot capability, like Pain Mongers.

Unfortunately, WoL can still leave me bottled in with no way to escape. I tried several varieties of LTK. I was a big Sweeping Armada fan after I unlocked it, but I started to dislike it around Act 4 in Hell (1.0.4), when it was useless against brickhouses like Golgors and Demonic Tremors. Didn't like Hand of Ytar or Scorpion Sting at all, really. Spinning Flame was good, and I think it might compete with with Empowered Wave in damage per spirit (but not animation time); sadly, I found myself locked in a hallway wi serpent illusionists with Desecrator and Arcane Enchanted--oh, and a second rare elite pack of those exploding corpses--and I died a horrible death when I couldn't clear a path through the hallway. So I went back to town, switched to Slipstream, and killed both packs at te same time: RD, Desecrator, Frozen, Arcane, Plagued, Illusionist, and maybe one other affix that wasn't Mortar, Jailer, Waller, or Avenger. And I killed them all, sir.

So I think Slipstream, which I haven't used before, is the one for me. It still leaves me with not a lot to do after I pop FitL, as I don't have a big DPS skill to activate, but it gets me out of the spots I absolutely need to get out of. Face-tank fights are just going to have to take a little longer. The 75-spirit WoLs are just too expensive for me to maintain, and Empowered Wave is close, but no cigar. Oh, well.
My other option is to sacrifice, say, FitL for a spirit spender. I don't see how I'm going to get more DPS out of it, though. It would have to be awfully good, especially because the cost of using such skills is measured not only in spirit, but also in terms of lost Thundclap attacks and Cyclone profs.
Have you tried exploding palm recently? It's another skill that is relatively more powerful the less powerful you are. 30% maximum life is just a gigantic number compared to our normal dps at higher MP levels, especially against elites. It may not be optimal for better geared players, but it seems tailor made for the undergeared. It loses a lot of its benefits versus bosses, but I still find the flesh is weak along with the dot to be worthwhile.

Plus, watching elite packs simply explode in a a single "pop" is pretty damn glorious.

Also, if you're looking for some knockback utility from wave of light, give exploding light a try. I used it with lashing tail kick. There's something interesting going on with the two skills, because they tend to knock back different mobs. I often found that a mob immune to lashing tail kick's knockback would be moved by exploding light, and vice versa. I'd still probably prefer blinding light these days, but exploding light might just be what you're looking for. And once again on the "cool" front, I kind of dig the animation which shoots versions of yourself out in every direction.
Thanks for the suggestions, overg. I haven't used Exploding Palm in a while. I remember using it in Act 3 after they patched it so the big hand showed up over the mob's head, but I had a hard time making sure they died while it was active, so I eventually ditched it. I'm having a hard time finding space on my toolbar these days:

Thunderclap (only getting exchanged for another primary)
Slipstream (loving this rune)
Ascension (doesn't get a lot of use, but it's critical when needed)
Cyclone (not going anywhere)
Faith in the Light (seems tough to drop)
Hard Target (not playing without a mantra)

I'm slamming MP5 right now with this setup. The white fights are rather boring, but some of the elite fights have been great. I just got to waterlogged passageways, and I've died three times:
  • Faced off against a Horde of Molten Fast Fallen Overseer Minions. Died when the rare used Vortex to drag me back into an exploding corpse.
  • Found Zoltun Kulle's head, decided to finish the dungeon. Found Fiery Guardians with Illusionist, Frozen, Arcane Enchanted, and Reflects Damage. Died twice, but feel like I wouldn't have died at all if I'd just played better.

I love Explosive Light, but it's too much spirit for me; I simply can't use it as often as I want to. Nice skill, though.
in what MP were you able to kill Belial?

Just killed him on MP5 tonight. Had to reach into my stash for some toys I keep around in case they become useful: mostly DPS-heavy, VIT-light pieces. On the weapon side, I tried the following three combinations:

1. Az'Turrasq and Fist of Legend with socketed emerald
2. Echoing Fury and Fist of Legend with socketed emerald
3. Sever and Fist of Legend with socketed amethyst

The second one came close to doing the trick, but I was spamming my Fire Ally too often and ran out of spirit when I needed to TR away from the bombs. The third one worked handily, though. My gear has improved slightly since I made this first post, but the two or three improvements have been incremental. The only skill change I've made is trading Blazing Wrath for Mystic Ally. For non-boss fights, the ally provides similar DPS, a little less sustain, and a big diversion; for boss fights, it's essentially a small loss because Belial doesn't target the ally.
Holy crap that's impressive Vrkhyz. After I was positively owned by Butcher at MP5, I would have guessed you'd be lucky to get Butcher or Belial to 25%, let alone dead. I've got a Skorn in my inventory that I'd don't like for everyday use, but maybe I'll crack it out against these two and take another go at the enrage bosses at higher MP's.

In any event, thanks for showing once again just what a self-found monk can do.
Happy to inspire, overg! Been crushing MP6 Act 3 for a couple days. About to head into the Keep Depths.
So you're just playing the game start to finish in order on each mp level?
12/18/2012 09:16 PMPosted by gotaplanstan
So you're just playing the game start to finish in order on each mp level?

Well, that was the plan until I realized that I was slapping MP4 so hard that I should just try something harder. So I skipped from MP4 Act 2 to MP5 Act 2, then decided to take shots at MP6 and MP7, as I described here. At one point, I believe I settled on resuming my quest in MP5, in part to see whether I could killl Belial. I then played around with Mystic Ally, gave Eirena a Maximus, and killed Belial on MP5 (with help from my stash). At that point, I decided to try MP6 again, but on Act 3 because I'm a bit tired of Act 2 at the moment ;-)

As part of the jump to MP6, I decided to lift a page from all the players who promote Combination Strike and Foresight. I wasn't the biggest fan the first time I tried this, but wow, I love it now. I ditched Serenity for Foresight and swapped Transcendence for Combi-Strike. MP6 now plays like MP5 did before I made this change, which isn't very surprising:
  • Mob health went up from 639% to 895%.
  • Damage went up from 158.13% to 173.31%.
  • My damage went up by 34%.

So a fight now takes 1.045 times as long as it did on MP5 thanks to my damage boost. Damage goes up, too, but that means I am taking, let's say, 173.31 ÷ 158.13 x 1.045 = 1.146 = about 15% more damage over the course of a fight against a pack on MP6 than I was against the same pack on MP5. This is really nothing, given my setup and skill selection and the fact that I was murdering everything without much risk at all on MP5. (Obviously, I don't three-shot mobs with my powerful 33K DPS. Less obviously, my DPS uptime is a lot higher than you probably think, and I never run, I just buy a second or two when needed.)

Now, the jump from MP6 to MP7 would be much higher than this, as I can't repeat the +34% DPS trick when I make that next jump. But I found MP7 difficult--not impossible, just very difficult--with a much weaker setup, IMO. Before I go there, however, I want to know three things:

1. How well will I do without Serenity, especially against particularly nasty combos or packs?
2. Can I kill Azmodan on MP6 with this build, even if I have to change gear or follower skills to do it?
3. How will I do on the Fields of Slaughter?

If I get good answers to those three questions, I'll probably move right to MP7 for Act 4. I'm a real go-getter like that ;-)

Tonight's victims:
  • Shamans (Avenger, Plagued, Waller, Teleporter), obviously not very tough
  • Hellflyers (Arcane, Reflects Damage, Teleporter, Nightmarish), NM and Arcane was a bit of a problem; I solved this in part by making sure I never had my back to an arcane sentry during combat, so problem solved
  • Trooper Minions with Vampiric and Plagued, elite with Waller and Jailer (not tough, I can sit in multiple pools and not feel it)

Anyway, that original build was easily able to handle MP5, and I could push it to 6 and hold my own and 7 before I really started feeling it. This build is even more fun ... well, for me. I've noticed that Eirena is starting to die on a fairly regular basis, which is gimping me a little bit.

And now, I'm off to bed :)
Vrkhyz are you a purest in the sense you don't do social games either?
Please keep the updates coming Vrkhyz. It's just fun reading about someone exploring different ways to play the game.

Not shocked that you're progressing smoothly through MP6, with the exception of downing Belial, which I would have guessed would have brick-walled you hard. I'm presuming you'd think Butcher is doable with a similar set-up/gear as you used for Belial? I'll also be interested to see how you do on the back-half of Act 4.

Personally I've been doing a full MP4 clear. I got really frustrated and annoyed tonight when I died three times to the same fight. And then I came to my senses when I reminded myself that the "fight" in question was actually an accidental pulling of three elite groups, including two separate sets of slashers (one of which had mortar and illusionist . . . a tough combo for slasher, and the other of which had vortex, another nasty mod for this particular mob), and a group of stingers (which had mortar and shielding). My feelings almost instantly flipped from frustration to elation when I remembered that I'm a self-found monk cruising through MP4 and only dying three times to a triple pull of elite packs which had challenging special abilities/mods.

One other challenge I'd like to throw your way is the ubers. I just took down all three sets at MP1 this weekend with relative ease (Kulle/Siegebreaker is still a pain due to Kulle's slow bubbles, but the fight is a relative cakewalk if you avoid those), which means that MP2 should be very doable. But I'd be curious to see if you could take them down on MP3 or even MP4. The more I see your reports of your MP6 exploits, coupled with my own MP4 results, the less I'm surprised by just how much a self found monk can accomplish. And that's without even considering what would happen if we were to get lucky with some godly drop.
12/18/2012 09:45 PMPosted by Enot
Vrkhyz are you a purest in the sense you don't do social games either?

Not intentionally; I just fire up the fame and resume playing wherever I've left off, or spend a bit of time testing some mechanic I need for my spreadsheet, or that someone has asked about, or an underused skill I'm considering using, etc. The end result is that I haven't joined any pub games. A couple players on my friends list have joined my dames here and there, but they always seem to show up near bedtime, and I feel a bit rude for bailing. (Sorry, folks!)

I played D2 as a solo game; it's just how I normally approach games of this type.

@overg: I haven't tried Belial on MP6 due to the need to get the hell out of Act 2 for my own sanity. I'm going to substitute Azmodan instead. I plan to attack him with what I'm wearing and only switch gear (no SW spiking beyond readying the better weapon when possible, which is a little thought with Combi-Strike) if I clearly fail the gear check. Azmodan has always seemed like easiest boss to me, so I'm not convinced it'll fail yet. Butcher was a serious pain on MP4, but I hadn't considered swapping to Sever and ended up beating him with AzT and my FoL, using the build in my OP (if it's there). I think Butcher would be doable on MP5 for certain with Sever, maybe without it--I don't know whether he or Belial has more HP. It's on a website somewhere, though.

Great job with the triple fight! Ivebeen meaning to post a "What's your greatest fight story?" post. I think I'll do it this afternoon, now that you've shared such a good one.

Regarding ubers, I should finally be able to give that a shot soon. I have two full sets of keys, and there's a good chance I'll get the plans in Act 4. Not sure which level I'll try them on first. Maybe I'll make a post and ask for suggestions, based on my current level.
hey, why don't you switch serenity with dashing strike - quicksilver,
you will use it more often, has no cooldown and provides more challenge and fun. >:)
hey, why don't you switch serenity with dashing strike - quicksilver,
you will use it more often, has no cooldown and provides more challenge and fun. >:)

I liked Quicksilver when I gave up on TR because of the rubber-banding. Can you remind me--I'm at work, not at home, and I've forgotten exactly how it works--whether the skill allows you to interrupt a big attack or at least escape the mob's hit box? I frequently take Tempest Rush (Slipstream is my current fave) and use it mid-combat to interrupt attacks, like those of the Fallen Overseer. Basically, I see him leap in the air, tap my right-click button, and WHAM--instant knockback, no attack. When I used Tailwind, I used to buzz in and out of the range of Mallet Lords, so I could run a full fight without getting hit.

Now, as I recall, Dashing Strike essentially teleports you to the other side of the mob you target. So, if you're facing a Desecrator, you simply tag him when the floor starts to erupt, and suddenly you're on his other side. But what happens if a Mallet Lord, elite Overseer, or something else like that tries a big wind-up attack? Does he auto-miss? Currently, I use Slipstream to interrupt the whites and walk through the elites, so it works a lot like Dashing Strike, with the added benefit that I can whirl across molten trails and plague pools and take less damage. I'm pretty sure that's how it works--straight damage reduction. Otherwise, I ought to get lit up when I try using Slipstream to cut across arcane beams and run over ground effects, but it seems much better than Tailwind in this regard when the ticks connect. Sounds like something I should test, now that I think about it.

Anyway, Raahl, you're a big DS proponent, so I'm all ears if you want to lay out the advantages of Quicksilver. Can't beat the spirit cost, I know that; unfortunately, I had more problems against Molten with it because I couldn't use it to zip along the floor in the absence of any good targets.
Dashing strike isn't a perfect escape, but it does work in a lot of the situations you suggest. You can dash behind a mallet lord (and Butcher, Azmodan, and Diablo among, others) when they do their wind up attacks. It also gives you a moment of invulnerability, so you can dash through a frozen orb explosion, arcane beam, or across a molten pool. It takes pretty precise timing, but it's definitely achievable with practice.

As for rubber-banding, the only time I ever really encounter this is with electrical mobs (well, except for this past weekend when my connection went yellow for a bit for reasons unknown . . . then I rubberbanded all over the place. But that was the only instance I've had that happen since the servers were flooded on release).

As for moltens, I find that the path of lava is small enough that you can dash out of it even without a target. Sometimes it requires two quick dashes, but even then you're only looking at 20 spirit. I'm perfectly comfortable saying that dashing strike is a slightly less reliable and shorter version of serenity with a lot of positional utility thrown in. I use it in addition to serenity, and find both extremely useful. In a lot of situations they're essentially interchangeable, but they also both have situational uses where one will be better than the other (put briefly, serenity is better is situations where you want to keep dps'ing, DS is better in situations where you want to re-position yourself.)

As for the ubers, it really depends upon your goal. If you're looking to get a ring, I'd probably suggest starting with MP2. I think that's definitely doable, whereas I think there is a very real possibility you're simply undergeared for MP3. Personally, I found it immensely frustrating to waste a set of keys when I tried MP3 and didn't come close to downing it. However, if you're mainly just looking to push yourself, I'd start at MP3. If you're fine the thought of spending a set of keys and failing to down the ubers, I'd say MP3 will be a fine standard to test yourself against. Who knows, maybe you're playstyle/skill selection/gear makes it a lot easier for you than it was for me, but I'd be very surprised if you find MP3 ubers "too easy."
So! Time for a big update. Armed with my new Foresight-and-Combination-Strike . . . um, combination, and fresh off stomping across Bastion's Keep killing everything in sight, I went down into the Keep Depths to continue my MP6 quest. My build, as a refresher:

Fire Ally
Hard Target
(OWE, STI, Combination Strike)

And I started to get kicked around. Here's a list of enemies until my first change, with the number of deaths in parentheses:
  • Demonic Troopers with Molten, Illusionist, Reflects Damage, and Arcane Enchanted (0)
  • Soul Lashers with Illusionist, Arcane Enchanted, Knockback, and Electrified (0)
  • Soul Lashers with Arcane Enchanted, Electrified, Vortex, and Shielding (1)
  • Skeletal Archers with Electrified, Shielding, Reflects Damage, and Fast (0)
  • Quillbacks with Jailer, Desecrator, Reflects Damage, and Fire Chains (2)

That might not look so bad, given my profile, but it was miserable on my end. The narrow confines and the lack of visibility were major drawbacks that I didn't have on the battlements, and I was actually running away during fights and leaving my Fire Ally to draw fire away from me. It didn't feel right at all, but I was determined to give it a go, so I went back to town, swapped Slipstream to Dashing Strike: Quicksilver, and went back to finish the Quillbacks.

And that worked for a while, but it still didn't feel right:
  • Skull Cleavers with Jailer, Health Link, Plagued, and Electrified (0)
  • Quillback Minions with Electrified, Plagued, and Extra Health; rare with Waller (0)
  • Rippers with Nightmarish, Arcane Enchanted, Health Link, and Fast (0, found an IK chest piece)
  • Quillback Minions with Electrified, Arcane Enchanted, and Mortar; rare with Frozen (2)
  • Pain Mongers with Mortar, Illusionist, and Fast; that horrible Demonic Tremor rare with Jailer (1)

Now, all the fights in that list were very hard, even though I didn't die in the first three. The second Quillback fight was extremely frustrating—I had to avoid the sentries in very closed quarters without Serenity, I couldn't keep them together and was thus vulnerable to mortar fire, and I couldn't get away from Frozen often enough and didn't have a lot of time to try practicing the art of using DS just as the bomb's about to go off. (I am in the habit of simply using Slipstream to move to a clear area and then returning. Tough habit to break, as it turns out.)

But the last fight on that list—one of those "I've trapped some demons on the other side of this room" events—was the icing on the cake. Without Serenity and Slipstream, I was fairly quickly swarmed under by an army of fast Pain Monger illusions and that horrible whistle-crank sound they make when they wind up. (And by "quickly," I mean that the fight might have lasted 25 seconds.) At that point, I realized one of three things was probably true for me on MP6:

1. Certain mobs would just be too much for me, no matter what.
2. The lack of Serenity meant auto-death against particular mobs.
3. The build was fine, but I wasn't doing well enough with Quicksilver.

As a check, then, I went back to town and loaded up my Serenity-based build (changes in bold):

Fire Ally
Hard Target
(OWE, Transcendence, STI)

I went back to that spot, switched my Fist of Legend for a spare fist I keep in my inventory to refuel spirit quickly, changed it out, and went back to fight the nasty whistle-crankers.

Well, that fight was tough. And it was long. And I never ran, although I did spend a good amount of time and spirit slipstreaming through illusions to get from one side of the fight to the other. Eventually, though, I had killed everything but the tremor, and it was taking a long time. So, with the fight essentially over, I decided to open my inventory and change my Fist of Legend to my Sever for the bonus against demons.

Only my Fist of Legend wasn't equipped. Remember earlier, when I said I changed that spare fist back to my FoL after refueling my spirit? Turned out I hadn't. Also turned out that I'd lowered my DPS from 33K to 20K for the entire fight and traded my 300 LoH for 3.00% LS, which was worth about 600 LPS during full-faced combat. Oh, and I gimped my tornadoes, too.

And that, you see, is probably why I shouldn't play hardcore ;-)

More after the break.
Well, once I'd corrected my mistake, I decided to keep going with this build. Sure, I was killing much more slowly on paper, but I definitely had more DPS up-time, which had to count for something.

Well, playing with Serenity suddenly made the game a lot easier, even if I wasn't using it much.
  • Skull Cleavers with Reflects Damage, Plagued, Avenger, and Fast (0)
  • Skeletal Bowmen with Knockback, Molten, Frozen, and Health Link (0)
  • Fallen Minions with Plagued, Electrified, and Reflects Damage; rare with Waller (0)
  • Fallen Minions with Reflects Damage, Electrified, and Nightmarish; rare Shaman with Waller (0)

And that took me to Ghom, who was as easy as he was the first time I tried face-tanking him on MP6. Which I had to do because the fire ally won't let him move! I never popped Serenity despite sitting in multiple gas clouds, and nearly the entire fight took place in the lower right corner of the room.

After that, it was on to the Machines of War quest, but I stopped off at The Barracks first:
  • Fallen Grunts with Vortex, Extra Health, Molten, and Fast (0, pure face-tank)
  • Mongrels with Reflects Damage, Arcane Enchanted, Mortar, and Teleporter (0)
  • Overlord Minions with Plagued, Electrified, and Shielding; rare with Missile Dampening (0)
  • Shamans with Plagued, Shielding, Waller, and Arcane Enchanted (1 death when a late Fallen Maniac came into the room and I didn't recognize him in the sea of green plague even though I'd seen the others when they'd come through earlier)
  • Grunt Minions with Reflects Damage, Extra Health, and Electrified; rare Shaman with Vortex (0)
  • Swarms with Nightmarish, Extra Health, Frozen, and Desecrator (1, the combo of those last two affixes got me killed)

I then went onto the first battlefield and fought a couple battles:
  • Hellflyers with Molten, Mortar, Desecrator, and Shielding (0, but they almost got me)
  • Reviled with Knockback, Waller, Plagued, and Fast (0)
  • Heralds of Pestilence led by a frozen unique

At this point, I started playing with my build again.
Although my Serenity build was more than adequate for beating MP6, it still didn't feel right. Even with a decent spam rate for Fire Ally, and judicious use of Slipstream, I ended up in a lot of face-tank fights in which I was running at near-maximum spirit for most of the fight. Also, the toughtest fights were easily those involving Jailer and Frozen, with Nightmarish not far behind. So I considered two options, both of which were designed to increase my DPS and eliminate those affixes as problems:
  • Option 1: Switch Serenity and Transcendence for BW/FitL and Pacifism, and then switch Hard Target to Overawe (more glassy)
  • Option 2: Switch Serenity and Transcendence for Foresight and Combination Strike, and then switch STI for Pacifism

In each case, I was trying to grab more DPS in exchange for less armor. I was also trying to find a way to work Pacifism into the build. I hadn't liked it on the PTR because it seemed to get such limited use, but I found myself wishing I had it in all my most difficult fights. Worth a shot to work it in, I figured.

I tried Option 1 first, and I went with Faith in the Light instead of Blazing Wrath. I don't have any fight labels because I didn't need them—any sufficiently large number of white mobs was enough to have my life globe bobbing up and down like a cork in a sea storm. Losing all that armor wasn't getting the job done. Even worse, my Fire Ally kept biting the dust without Hard Target's armor buff, only I was too focused on not dying to notice he'd gone missing. Without his protection, Eirena started dying even faster than she had before. Basically, this version of glass cannon was a disaster.

I tried Option 2 next, although I didn't expect it to go much better. And, rather predictably, it didn't. In fact, it had all the same problems as Option 1, only they weren't blindingly obvious from the start of combat because of the extra dodge chance I got from Hard Target, both the base amount and the spam bonus. I just didn't have the armor to make this work.

But I still wanted to try Pacifism. I have 43.2 LpSS on my Fist of Legend (when I'm not mistakenly leaving it in my inventory for an inferior fist weapon), so Transcendence seemed to be the skill to trade. After all, I have a relatively tanky build compared to the alternatives, and I don't have any big spirit spenders, so LpSS isn't critical. So I simply went back to my Serenity build and changed Transcendence to Pacifism:

Fire Ally
Hard Target
(OWE, Pacifism, STI)

And then I went into the Caverns of Frost.

Well, I never missed Transcendence. And my first pack fight on the second level of the caves was fantastic. I came up against lacuni with Plagued, Fire Chains, Fast, and Jailer. And Pacifism was freaking awesome. Fire Chains? What Fire Chains?

I killed the lacuni without any trouble, finished the caves, didn't find Chiltara (sadly), and went back up to the Fields of Slaughter. I found myself in several battles against Frozen and Nightmarish affixes along the way, and I didn't sweat them one bit with Pacifism in place—it was like they weren't even there.

Now, I'd still like to improve this build and add more DPS. Right now, I'm thinking of swapping the Fire Ally for Blazing Wrath or Faith in the Light, as the ally has started to die off more frequently since I advanced past Ghom. If he can continue distracting the mobs, I'll keep him; if he keeps getting set on fire and eliminated by hellflyers and eating too many spears and dying, I'm going to have to let him go until I can improve my gear. I should probably take a stab at putting together a non-OWE set of armor, but I'm pretty sure all my best stuff just happens to be cold-based. It's worth a shot, though. For my monk on the Fields of Slaughter in MP6, though, Serenity is too handy against whites in high-density areas to take off my toolbar. That said, I went without it in Stonefort and the Skycrown Battlements (which are dense but not as tightly packed as the Fields of Slaughter), and I could see myself ditching it again in a low-density area like Act 4. I'm reasonably confident I could go without it in MP5 regardless of area.

I just walked across the Fields of Slaughter and Rakkis Bridge and killed Siegebreaker without dying. The Siegebreaker fight took a long time—I think I hit "Out of Time" when he had 20% to 30% of his life left—but the DOT wasn't enough to overcome my sustain. I'm getting the hang of Quicksilver against certain mobs, like waiting a shade longer after the Heralds of Pestilence put their limbs in the ground so I don't end up standing right next to them with a wiggly appendage right beneath me. I might give the same run another shot with Combination Strike and Foresight in place of Pacifism and Blazing Wrath. If that doesn't work, I'll likely try replacing Blazing Wrath with Faith in the Light for the blind effect and the increased Sweeping Wind damage.
Impressive run Vrkhyz. I suspect Rakonoth will provide your last great challenge at MP6. His damage might just be too high for you to handle, but if you can get by him I'd say MP6 is yours.

As for me, I just finished a full clear of MP4 tonight, including every boss. Belial ended up being the toughest fight . . . had to break out my Skorn for him. Everyone else was done with my regular gear, regular build.


I suspect I could also take down MP5 with this gear and this build (although I'd need the Skorn for Butcher), but I'm in no hurry to try. I'll probably work on getting my ring for a while (I have two of the three parts . . . rng has been very kind to me in my MP1 and MP2 uber runs), and save another full clear until I get it, grow bored, or find a nice upgrade.

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